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    Necro mist elf; starts in a locked room. He has no way to circumvent the door; only option is to attempt to open the door. Click, fireball explodes, mist elf dies.

    It is no fun being in an unwinnable situation. I am all for difficult games, but there needs to be a way to succeed as well. I understand ADOMs has a significant RNG factor, but if you only get one shot to place on the weekly challenge this needs a bit more planning. You could have started with a wand of digging on the elf. At this point with that few starting HPs and traps all about it is not about the challenge; it is about the luck of the draw.
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    Mist elf necromancer, traps everywhere, no recurring random monsters generated. This is probably the most hilariously bad set of challenge conditions possible. Everyone should play this week.

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