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Thread: Adom lite ambiguity/calculation consistency

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    Default Adom lite ambiguity/calculation consistency

    Just got this, enjoying the option to solo play to test it out. However, after beating a doppelganger, I noticed there's some inconsistency with the EP formula as written in the text and how EP seems to be calculated by monsters with non-zero PVs in T-32.

    How I'm reading the formula for EP:
    EP = (max(DV-10,0)*2) + (PV * 3) + HP + (max(SP - 10,0) * 4) + (St * 2) + (max(MAP - 20, 0) * 2)+ (MDR * 3) + ((max(RAP - 15,0)) * 3) + (RDR * 3) + [all the special attack stuff]

    This correctly calculates all 0 PV EPs (Large Bat, Rabid Dog, Giant Frog, Zombie, Gray Ooze, Yellow Ooze, Ghost, Ocre Jelly). For non-zero PV, it seems like the book table is multiplying a larger portion of the equation by PV than intended (as well as something else, like maybe EL), though I'm not sure on the exact formula. Using the table as is a hurthling farmer can level to 2 in 3 EL1 monsters, which is maybe kind of quick.

    Other questions/potential issues:
    * Winning the game requires a potion of cure corruption, which is not an item that exists, though since scroll : potion parity is established with other items, it's easy enough to add.

    * RAW for MDR/RDR is a little confusing. As I'm reading it, I can fail the damage roll, but still use all my excess successes from the attack roll for damage (making MDR a sort of 'bonus').

    * Shops aren't in the rules beyond chargen. Given that there's optional rules for skill buying in the overworld, I'd assume it's possible to shop at DL0 for all non-magical supplies, but I'm not sure how much recovery should be allowed or what it should cost.

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    I also noticed the discrepancy, though if you don't allow for negative values, the formula doesn't work for all 0 PV EPs. (i.e. Large Bat comes in 2 points higher than the book table using your formula).

    I read MDR/RDR the same way. The book has a sidebar about critical hits and how they're optional, but reading it this way critical successes can happen and can be as devastating. My first two encounters demonstrated this. I came up against a Large Bat first and when it attacked me, it rolled a critical success. I would have died if it weren't for my PV 6 and the fact that it failed it's damage roll. I believe I took 18 damage from that hit. Then I encountered an orc, and managed to roll a critical success on it, dealing over 30 damage. This seems a bit extreme for a level 1 character. Perhaps the damage added by SuP from the attack roll should be limited to the base MDR/RDR of the weapon.

    I've considered working shops into the dungeon features table (T-30). There would likely need to be another table for shop type. Then you could generate some random number of items of that type that would be purchasable. Still contemplating this though.

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