my plan in this game was to make first caracrter to cast a wish or beter book cast it. so my real goal was not to comblete the game =/ well if you can do that you mostlikely end atlast closing gate too.

For start i go to thief setlement and killed few beggars to dron neutral and go pickpoket. And i headed to mountain city. On way to mountainsity i hit lvl 8 and altar so i get precrownig gift "gord". Not realy good for wizard but i ended up using it long time. otherwise trip to city was peace of cake. And i headed to get my book of donors also wasy trip. at point where i get in dwarf willage i already had permanent death attack and paralyze resistance from book.

And i was ready for midgame.
First quest was easy kill some dark orc did it on way i go to pyramid and graveyard. secon to dwarwen halls. well i take the forest trip and annoying like allways but get out easily. i also noticed i had amulet of live saving in my pocet dont have clue ehere i got it (pyramid most likely) but anyway when im here why not save that sage =/. Other guest was easy like allways. i ended up getting all artifact to ratling too and did not lose anyting important.

i got RoTH and way out gues what i find... wand of wish 2 carges. Ended up wishing Find weaknes and saving rest. then on fire tower was first hard part whit 0 DV (Grod) and near 0 pv for near useles armors (mummy warping). well frost bolt get you going there anyway. boss i had close calls and lost 3-4 exstra/ ultra healing potions. and i head to dark forge golems hit hard but i hit harder, also noted how easy they fall whit lighnig ball. and heal spell save lots of time when i had so bad pv. And no armor there!!! well bull shit i wished red dragon scale mail.
then i did wich guest. well i had all what he wanted whitout need of using wish =/

And for end game
i got easiest gain atribute poiton recept ever. somestempia+cure poison+ultra healing. well i crafted 7 (used wish to ultrahealig potions. Did i mentioned i did find djing summonig rins yea RINGS 2 of them. i got get water dragon trident after i wisited library and got water breathing there.

And i was ready for end dive.
to casino and out easy trip got growned L+ got staff dumbed it somewhere. also got caos grown easy fight whit acid ball. and back to the pit. to mana temple and got needle too. easy trip. Did i mentioned i find amulet of life savin and 2 more ring of djin summonig. at that point i had 4 un used wish and no clue to how use them. got courage by wish. and unreal exp hunt begins. infinite dungeon in dl 50-51 i did major of it. Ended up wishing emperor moloch, next time remind me do in asap. Rest was too easy filk lvl 3, emperor moloc too easy whit water trident and acid ball. and to final lvl 50 way too easy.

Final boss:
wished ultra healing potions in case i need them in boss. well i didint, it ended up been too easy trident trowing fest.

After toughts:
Im not sure can i say i completed my guest to becoming archmage?!? well probably not after all i never caster wish even i had hp/mp and book to do it in end. but seriously got 7 wish from wands and rings in one game, got total of 3 amulet of life savin in same game and wich guest done whitout leaving from city. (cure corruption potion, scroll of danger and monster summon wand whitout wish). But seriously what you do when you have some meny of them? what you can wish when rng already give you everyting?