Just had an interseting trip through the UD, which ended on UD7. Let fate pick an orcish druid, who started N aligned, and didn't have literacy high enough to read the spellbook she started with.

Went straight through the SMC to the UD. Got stuck on UD2 for ages because I couldn't find the secret door leading to the dwon stairs. While searching, the level filled up with neutral worms. Accidentally killed a load of worms in the two dark rooms on that level, reducing alignment to C. Finally found the stairs, and descended.

Found a reading room on UD4, which let me get basic understanding of a couple of spells, enough that I should be able to start increasing literacy substantially at future level ups. Things were looking up. I'd also found some decent equipment (an adamantium short sword and adamantium girdle).

However, on UD7, had a curious incident with an altar. Sacrificed something (can't remember what, think it was some kind of orc) on a lawful altar, which transferred it to a neutral altar but kept me chaotic. Then sacrificed a lizard man on that altar and had my equipment turn to dust.

Put on the backup equipment I'd found. Sacrificed 1gp on the neutral alter, because I wanted to change my alignment to neutral. And had my equipment turned to dust again. After that I only had a cloak and a crude knife in my backpack that I could equip.

Tried to run back to the stairs in the hope of getting to the HMV and regrouping, but was cornered by a least deamon and beserker and killed.

Not sure exactly what went wrong with sacrificing at that altar, but I'll be more cautious next time!