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Thread: SMC mixed luck

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    Default SMC mixed luck

    Mixed vaults.
    We see them every now and then in the early game if not in SMC then in pc6.

    I got an unusually bad situation in SMC with vault, hearing a classic wind noise I fear the worst, scout the left side but finding no downstairs.

    So how bad can it be?
    I poke the east side and hear a tension, spot some various monsters to the south indicating a mixed vault, ok often I can sneak or wiggle past the worst stuff and doors near to the north east are the only option barring going back up again.

    Lo and behold, a mixed tension room next to the mixed vault, RIP!

    Edit: this was of course in ud below SMC.
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    Hah, I remember getting serpent's bite in one of these mixed UD vaults, barely surviving with 3 prayers, only to perish 2 or 3 levels down to another mixed vault.
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