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Thread: One step from UltraEnding

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    Ah, yes. A proverbial dragon turtle. Everyone looses a character on one of those at some point.

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    Enough YASDs for me!
    Huh. Andor Drakon was very tough. Paralyzed me and killed in several dozens of turns. That was just waste of AoLS, because I had Preserver, lol I'm so stupid
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    Ya those dragon turtles....dont know why but sometimes they just instant kill with that water breath range attack. i was like lv 38 with tons of hp and even the anhk for extra luck an such.

    Well those turtles happen to be guarding that fortress of Rolf's in the moat.......and ONLY one shot me.....i died from like 300 or so hp not doomed, not cursed. Would of been sad had it been a permadeath play run. but i was doing it in personal to explore turns out they cant see invis and that saved me to go in and kill the jerks before the could breath water.

    thinking that water breathing effects reduce or stop this instant death i think.
    dont remember usually dont go to blup mom til i have teleport control and a way to teleport via spell or wand (at least 3 castings) then pop in teleport talk to her, use far sight or see with extra vision some how Use Look command to see items or see which ones i might want to look at more closely if safe. then while still being safe i teleport out.

    usually avoid any water creatures that way, i just hate dealing with it, and if she does spawn an artifact i come back later to take it if needed at a way higher lv, heck and even with the very weapon she gives ya. T.T ironic fate right.

    but since i wait and such to do til later usually the game spawns most artifacts its going to, i think anyways, so it reduces the chance she does have any. thats my theory anyways.
    remember the games at lv 28 where she kept spawning Bracers of war on me on several lovely chars. but too low lv to take and leave since she teleports to you and such. So i wait til around 34 to even tell blup and then prep for a steal if she has something around 44-50 as like a last to do thing (only if going for ultra ending really), tho if not, one artifact is all she has usually, and if its not bracers, cloak, helm or true aim i really dont care usually she can have it then most likely.

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