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Thread: You got me, game...!

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    Default You got me, game...!

    So i'm going through D48 with my mist elf healer, just speeding it through. Just cleared air earth and mana temple with no problem, this guy was pretty powerful so i'm playing a bit carelessly.

    I place all the other orbs in their anomalies, and move on to the earth orb.
    "Do you want to use the powers of the Chaos Orb of Elemental Earth? [y/N]"N
    "Do you want to use the powers of the Chaos Orb of Elemental Earth? [y/N]"N
    No, I don't want to use the powers of the Chaos Orb of Elemental Earth, just put it in the Earth anomaly!
    Why can't I put it in damn the anomaly!?

    Suddenly the ancient white dragon screams a prayer to his gods!
    Oh. OH!

    You are consumed by a roaring column of flames!

    Never got an altar on D48 before...

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    I once tried to put the air orb into the receptacle for the mana orb and ended up summoning an air elemental.

    Losing a character to a mistake like that, that late in the game must have been pretty annoying. Especially since it was a mist elf as they have quite low survivability in the early game at least.

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    Wow breaking news, I didn't knew that Dragons can scream prayers.
    And yes, I know that feel bro. Every YASD is a pain :<
    Was that UE attempt or just close the gate?

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    Yeah it's annoying, and a pain... At least it was just a gate closer!

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    Oh shit that's annoying! I'm guessing you're playing ASCII so the Altar looked exactly like a rift?

    No altar generation no D:48 might be a worthy RFE...

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    Yeah, it was ASCII...

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