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Thread: Forced update to beta

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    Default Forced update to beta

    Can someone please tell me how to stop the autoupdate to the current beta version? Thanks.

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    Nevermind... couldn't stop it.

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    You can opt out of the public beta so you will play without the update even if the update is downloaded... I think? But anyway, you can pause the beta on steam and then opt out of the beta. To opt out you go to the game properties, then beta, then click on the select beta options and click "None".

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    Thanks. I had "none" in beta set a long time ago, so who knows... It would be nice if under "updates" there was an option to only update when given permission. But that's another Steam thing. I got it straightened out and kept v72 after a lot of time and messing around. I'm glad the dev team keeps older versions available. And yes you can have multiple versions installed and playable so that's something. I wonder if there are many like me who would gladly pay a higher price to have just the game- no Steam.

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