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Thread: Soooo.... Guess what my PC found at Level 1

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    Default Soooo.... Guess what my PC found at Level 1

    Just thought I would share this before I die and lose record of it.

    So, I was playing a Drakeling Paladin as a complete nub (who didn't even know how to read the stats on equipment), and I went into SMC after dying about 30 times so far. While I was there, on floor 1, a monster dropped a broadsword. It had a green handle so I picked it up (I read somewhere that strange sprite = rarer/unique loot)

    Imagine my surprise when the sword was this:
    aaannnddd.... of course I got cocky and was all like, "I have an eternium sword! Full berserk, activate!" and then I got demolished by a clawbug tension room (I was level 1 still lol) and ran out of SMC on 2 HP.

    That's how I ended up in the ID to train so I won't die

    P.S: I ate a blinkdog corpse for teleport control, and it said "You feel very much in control." This means I got the ability, right?
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    Yes, you got the teleport control intrinsic.

    For damage output you likely won't find better weapon in a long time, if at all.

    Twohanded weapons have their downside though. Not wearing a shield makes you easy to hit, so you'll have to rely on PV to stay alive.
    Clawbugs however have penetrating attacks that bypass PV, making them potentially dangerous as you saw.
    Eternium twohander has big enough to-hit bonus for you to be able to use even very defensive tactics effectively when needed.(Coward won't train your weapon skill).

    They are a number of monsters you shouldn't try to fight in melee though, so be ready to use another tactic/run away when something tough shows up.

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    you must be new if you're wearing a -2 girdle lol.

    But congrats on the awesome sword! With +18 attack you can still hit regularly with defensive tactics.

    I'd recommend still doing some occasional practice with a 1hander and shield, so that in desperate situations you can switch from 2hander to 1hander + shield and go to coward mode. Then use that drakeling spit ability!

    Don't get too cocky, ADOM is infamous for punishing overconfidence in the most brutal, cruel, and surprising ways.

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    you must be new if you're wearing a -2 girdle lol.
    Stahp, I almost died XD
    Well. I don't recommend using 2h weapons in early-game. Once I had Vanquisher from precrown at lvl less than 10, but understood very fast: I can lose it (and my character too) if I proceed using it. Sneaked around with some club'n'shield until lvl 17-18, raised DV/PV and aaafter thaaat everything was fine (until I died from Dragon Turtle).
    First mimic gonna kill ya pretty fast with that sord. Keep it in backpack for some time.

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    Nice sword but why are you not wearing anything in half of the slots?
    The chaos sister screams at you in a friendly manner.

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    It's a really nice find. I do not agree about any need to train shields, but do watch out for monsters that can paralyze like ghuls, dark elf priestess, mimic and so on. As long as you have such a low PV, they can one-hit kill you very easily. As a drakeling it should be easy to avoid melee range, you can always spit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SourSlime View Post
    "I have an eternium sword! Full berserk, activate!"
    If I got eternium 2H from SMC, my first reaction is go on defensive settings lol

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