So today I was exploring the Druid Dungeon, nothing too crazy, and then this rapier dropped. Of course I rushed to equip-id it, and it turned out to be a flaming rapier (+1, 1d6+1) [+1, +1]. Of course I was ecstatic about it, and began to be more cautious than I usually am in the druid dungeon. After finding a potion of water, I decided to bless the sword, and now have a crazy good sword at the start of the game. So, of course, I decide to make a religion out of it. I name the sword Balderon, and do everything in my power to adhere to its mission of defeating chaos, while ensuring that the Holy Sword would not be damaged. I eventually left the DD as I encountered a river and did not want to risk getting rust on the Holy Sword.

I descended into the caverns of chaos, and after a few floors run into a master swordsman, who proceeds to disarm me. I, of course, was enraged, and threw my drakish scurgari of returning at him until he would never return again to defile the Holy Sword. He dropped a pair of boots of speed, which I promptly renamed 'Skin of the Heretic'. Balderon is a vengeful God to those who would seperate Him from His prophet.

After some more adventures with large packs of monsters eventually roll into dwarftown with 50/80 hp, and unknown to me at the time a piece of charged armor that I had just equipped, as well as a ring of stun resistance. So after praying at the altar of the Holy Sword(Balderon is also known as Berewyn to those dwarves), I walk into the shop to see if there is anything there I could use to further glorify Balderon, such as a scroll of increase melee damage. However, there was a mimic in there, and I, not willing to risk damage to Balderon's cause, backed out of the store before attacking it. I was able to damage it until it was almost dead, and it fled back into the depths of Waldenbrook's shop. I went back in to continue my shopping, and the mimic regained its courage and went after me again. Again I retreated out of the shop, still at 50/80 hp, and was stunned twice in a row, and died of blood loss and damage due to the charged armor, even with the lucky intrinsic and a ring of stun resistance. Balderon's prophet would not live to carry on His mission.

Should any of you be chosen by Balderon to continue His mission, I urge to to listen to him, journey on the quest to become worthy of carrying the Holy Sword, and spread His name among the monsters of Ancardia.