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Thread: Kicking off the Ultimate ADOM discussion

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    ADOM reminds me of Ragnarok Online that I played back in 2002 and that's actually a good thing. I hope each classes will have their own usefulness that belongs only to them. I also hope that crafting is much much better in ADOM Ultimate as it takes too long to find a smithy and by then it has already become obsolete. I am a blacksmith by heart. I've always had a blacksmith whenever I played Ragnarok.

    Here are some novels that I read where the main characters is a blacksmith or a crafting class that's popular in the east.
    - Overgeared - Korean Novel
    - Moonlight Sculptor - Korean Novel
    - Upgrade Specialist in Another World - Chinese Novel

    In Ragnarok Online, there are a total of 10 different type of elements and each type has their own strength and weaknesses. They are Neutral, Water (this also count as cold and ice), Earth, Fire, Wind (this also counts as lightning), Poison, Holy, Shadow, Ghost (they are immune to all physical attack and only elemental weapons and external power can kill them), Undead. As a blacksmith, we have to bring the required materials to forge the weapon and also an elemental orb/gem to give the weapon the element that we want. Blacksmith only has the ability to give the weapons they created either Water, Earth, Fire and Wind. Every monsters in Ragnarok has an element they are strong against and weak to. This is why blacksmith is so popular in Ragnarok and is highly sought after as leveling a pure forging blacksmith is very tedious since you can only put "Dex" and "Luck" as your main stats to increase your chances of a success (took me a year and a half to get my blacksmith to level 81 with both Dex and Luck 81 each). Next, each monsters are categorize as either small, medium, and large. Each weapon does better or worse than the next depending on the size of the monsters. You can check the elemental and monsters/weapons size penalty here.

    I am currently reading a Korean novel 'Overgeared' by Park Saenal (박새날). So basically the main character plays this one virtual reality game and wants to be the best warrior but ended up with a blacksmith class. Essential it's pretty similar to every other game out there that has a blacksmith class but I like the fact that he can improvise on the forging recipe and make the weapons strong point stands out by adding material he thinks will work. There are also weapon grade that goes from Common, Uncommon, Rare, Unique, Legendary, Growth (it can gain experience and level up along with PC but don't mistake this with "Whip of the Vampire Snake" & "Silence of the Dead" ), and Myth. Elona+ also has 'Living Weapon' but that thing is so rare!! Even today, I still have not gotten one even with me cheating thru 'Save Scumming'. Also in the novel, he accidentally created a god tier bow and gain a +1 stat to deity. I have only read it up to this part and it is said that once he reaches +10 stat to deity something will happen. After he had gotten that +1 stat to deity, he gets a message saying he is being watch by all gods...

    ** Maybe a return of weird tome or a use for scroll of omnipotence at long last for ADOM with the hidden deity stat! I was always curious what scroll of omnipotence does years ago. Now that it's out, I hope someone can fill me in. Haha!
    ** "Slay gods. Or ascend yourself!" That was taken from ADOM front page and wouldn't it be cool if each class has their own god?

    * Weaponsmith/Blacksmith - God of Forging - Create artifact equipment. "Equipment is part of our strength!" (Overgeared Novel)
    * Thief - God of Theft - Being able to copy monsters skill or steal one of the monsters stat and add it to your own (temporary). "There is nothing I can't steal!" (Ragnarok Online)
    * Wizard - God of Wisdom - Able to combine different magic to create a god tier magic. "Humans are very curious beings!" (Japanese Novel but forgot the name. Slim chance that it will be implemented but if this does get implemented don't tell us the combination to get the god tier magic and make it so that some combination can end in a failure which can either kill you or hurt you or some other permanent side effect)
    * Archer - God of Soul/Heart? - The heart flies with the arrow. There is no target that it can't reach and even go thru walls. Can sense all enemies in the map. Kinda overpowered if you ask me but hey! It's base on Chinese novel called Desolate Era on book 13 chapter 35, where the the strongest god which is the god of archery teaches the main character how to use a bow. The author of the book called this 'heartforce' and it's not unlimited but can be train. Also, in the novel if you use every last drop of your heartforce without letting it recovery you can die. "There is no target I can't hit!" (Desolate Era Novel)
    * Ect...

    This can be balance off by adding 10 elements and equipment penalty from above along with other things. Wizard will definitely be balance with 10 elements implemented in the game... HEHEHE

    Moonlight Sculptor is similar to Overgeared so I will be skipping that and head over to a Chinese novel 'Upgrade Specialist in Another World' by Endless Sea of Clouds (茫茫云海). I will try not to spoil too much but for this novel the main character join a crafting guild and somehow manage to insert half of his soul into the weapon that he created making it a soul weapon that can move and act on it's own. Only 3 people in the novel was able to achieve it which was the founder of the crafting guild, his master and himself. It's pretty similar to Cursed Sentry talent from Tales of Maj'eyal but this one is permanent instead of a few seconds Cursed Sentry gives and once it's destroyed it's gone for good and you can't create another one like that. Cursed Sentry on Storm Fury (Longbow) equal god of death!

    Here are some lists of ideas for crafting class that I got from reading mostly crafting base Asian novels and from playing Blacksmith class in Ragnarok

    * Be able to craft elemental weapons
    * Have crafting materials that can add specific stat (ex. add STR but minus intelligent or just plainly add STR)
    * Be able to dismantle weapons and armors for crafting material and also be able to forge the weapons and armors you dismantled
    - the more you dismantle the same kind of weapons and armors the better stats you will get from forging them (ex. 1% iron spear has a high chance of failure when forging and also gives lower stats than the one that is normally dropped; while 50% gives higher chances from forging while also giving the same stats as the one that is dropped; 100% gives the best chance at forging and better stats from the ones that is dropped)
    * Be able to find a weapon blueprint to craft the said weapons/armors starting with 50% equipment familiarity
    * Weapons and Armor Soul Compatibility (Taken from 'Upgrade Specialist in Another World')
    * In Ragnarok Online, cards can be compounded into Weapons and Gear that have slots. The effect of the card varies. It can add stats, increase maximum health points or spell points. Each monster has its own card and the drop rate varies, although most linger around the 0.001% range or go xianxia style which means that every monsters in the game has a monster core with elemental energies that can be use as forging material. How much the weapons and gear can sustain and stabilizes the energy core will depend on the skill of the forger and the tier of the weapon.

    edit. I'll add more later when I get the chance or when ideas starts popping up. This is just a list of ideas for the creator to think of a smart and fun crafting system. =D
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    Default Use of Sounds

    In designing a future release of anything it's important to note features that are currently inherent and valued in case they unintentionally get removed.
    To that end I would like to say one of the features I very much like in ADOM is that I can turn off any sounds without it causing any detrimental effect.
    So I can play the game while also listening to whatever else I like as background.
    I have no idea if it is intended to increase aural interaction but if it is:
    This would probably necessitate a "Turn off sounds" option and may require a "Display textual notifications of sounds option".
    It may also require a level of incidental background sound descriptions so the all important "You hear an ominous snarl" isn't too obvious when displayed textually.

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    Default Turn based, real time turn based ?

    In designing a future release of anything it's important to note features that are currently inherent and valued in case they unintentionally get removed.
    I'm assuming ADOM would remain turn based however there are some games which are part turn based but still run down time if the gamer needs to deal with any of the other non-game related irritations.
    I wondered if there was any intent for ADOM to move in this direction and if so could I request there be an option to fix time against gamer responses ? (so not real time)

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