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Thread: How important is precrowning?

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    I've gotten countless wins in ADoM (granted I've been playing since the game was just getting started). I've rarely bothered to get a pre-crowning gift. Honestly most times I just forget to bother, even though I could probably get one with little effort. I usually try to avoid relying on artifacts (though do enjoy getting a good returning artifact for a thrown weapon).

    But the new artifacts... well, some are just downright broken.
    I'm playing through an Assassin right now, and am actually wondering if it's possible to save scum your crowning gift (I can't remember if it was selected at character creation). I'd love to get my hands on that new cheating dagger.

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    If it is comvenient i usually take one and a quick crowning. I have in the past taken as many as 3 precrowns and then crowning, if artifacts and character levels permit.

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    Precrowning has a few requirements to be worth it for me.
    Convenient altar
    Weak character I think will die before it can get strong another way
    A very good reason not to just get crowned.

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