I rolled a grey elven healer tree star sign so decided to try and push myself a bit.

I ditched treasure hunter.
I skipped thieves guild quest.

I cleared vault in puppy cave.
I killed Keethrax which helped for the midgame.
I did SMC/UD and moldy which was just outside of hmw for tome+gold.

Did pyramid w/o wand of fireballs, an early mithril hammer 6d3+9 worked wonders.
Practically no herb farming, ie I gathered some from where I found patches and a bit in bigroom waiting for kill monster quest.

Right after bigpunch I did darkforge, which in hindsight I could probably have skipped, didn't find anything exceptional.

I did do Tomb of the High Kings Crowned L+ for Brannalbins cloak and acid immune, while the cloak drains a LOT of saturation it was excellent for this kind of run (and most runs where you're not playing troll).

Then went straight to ToEF.

I would not have been able to kill ACW without the frost bolt spell book from early quest, grey elf healers are pretty much warrior-wizards, battle mage or bladesinger (depending on where you came from).

After ToEF I dug down through dh and cleared out a tension room of chaos warriors, it was a bit slow and I was a bit wary of the corruption from damage, but it wasnt too bad and finally I had a decent chest plate, and some eternium boots I got my first corruption very light, a nice speed boost.

No Aols for poor Khelavaster so I plunged further and no digging today (did not dig upper graves either).
I had not even a two ring stack to use potion of exchange on!

Because I only had the scroll of chaos removal from HMW I didn't dare eat water snake.

Bought some demon slaying ammo in casino, that was about what I could afford.
Jet-black dagger and boots of the far wanderer was there but I didnt want to spend corruptions for either by gambling.

Had to let catlord track and teleport past him (6-7 dead cats).

Somewhere I found crown of leadership, good because my only other source of confusion resistance was a ring of clear mind.

Air temple can be messy but not too bad this time, didnt eat him either.

Before clearing out earth temple I went to check 1d, it was a great fire vault, awesome, I cleared out that, melee everything except wyrm (almost no dragon slaying ammo).

Found bracers of pure might, eagles claw (a bit too late to swap), a staff of purity which allowed me room to eat earth demon, I cleared temple and got very lucky with 4 passable corruptions and with the total of 6 none needed removal!

Converted earth temple for more water, could have saved some time by just killing demon and leaving.

Somewhere I had picked up a ring of djinni summoning, but no light source!
I decided to wait as long as possible, loh and behold, a chaos servant in mana temple drops me a tinderbox so I can go torch vs nuurag.
I was a bit wary about that fight but surprisingly arrows of darkness was really really good against him.

Final stretch, no uselessness for d49, I read magic map and checked monsters on d50.
Went to clear out then checked and read scroll of familiar summoning, earth ele helped with speed clear, would have been doable without but it helped with speed.
Managed to go to close to inner secret and opened up into big room, no biggy, I killed balors (well earth pet cleared half of them) and teleported out.

This was by far my quickest game in turns and rl time (and still had both the rods and the scroll of chaos removal after leaving the game).