First victory, with an ultra ending just to make things interesting.

Started Raven, took treasure hunter, and remembered to run away where necessary (an issue I often have). By some fluke I think I saved the puppy.

Early game went simply enough. Chose Shriek as my first kill - helped with filk later, and got me to exp 3 fast enough. Managed to grab the waterproof blanket, but got to exp 6 in the small cave so missed out on killing the raiders. Treasure hunter + great book learner meant I got a lot of spells and a lot of uses of them all, but did not have many ball spells early on (ice, fire, and lightening for most of the game, with a handful of acid from a potion of wonder). Can't remember if I got precrowned or just found it, but had the amulet of indomitable life from an early stage. Accidentally killed a cat at some point, but managed to avoid most others - the catlord just ignored me, and I think I only killed 3 cats by the end of the game (a couple probably after the catlord). A spellbook of teleport and teleport control from a blink dog made the dwarftown quests easy enough, managed to get to the pyramid at level 16 (gnomes level up fast!), and shortly after that went to get the medallion of chaos, which I left in the sealed off room - there were two artifacts in the dwarftown shop which I could just afford with money + selling si, giving me enough artifacts for the demented ratling. Did the first two icequeen quests, with fireball and invisibility being favoured spells at that point (I think I lightening-bolted the diplomat), cleared the forge (yay lighteningball), and cleared the tower of flames (iceball being a favoured here). I grabbed the ring of the high kings, then sometime round then was on xp level 29, so decided to do the maze - magic map, teleport, and ball spells made short work of it with almost no equipment damage or stat drain. Didn't get anything useful though, but by this stage I had a ridiculous amount of strength of atlas, so just lugged round the axe. I think by about here I was getting fed up with not finding an amulet of life saving, so I went back to darkforge and managed to survive the pools with only minor problems (lost teleport control - got it again soon enough). Dived down caverns of chaos to darkforge again. The casino had the ring of immunity, so gambled to grab it. Found seven league boots at some point. Dived down to get needle, found a room of greater molochs on the way, and with lightening ball managed to level up to 47 with only 2 close calls (did get to 1 hp from a critical hit at one point...). Teleport + ball spell = needle in no time, ran up again, killed filk, and got sting (didn't bother using them). I think I decided to do the library before getting the trident. Was carrying around a ridiculous amount of equipment (yay strength of atlas), so none of my ~5 climbing sets were damaged going down, and nothing of import was lost. Found what I was after - acid ball (had something like 18 castings left by that point). Mostly just teleported monsters away, but did kill a few of them. Got spellbook of wish (but never used it - maybe one day I'll go for archmage), plus a bunch of other books (left anything I didn't need). I also waited round for the weird tome - but this cost me my last darknight before the 90 day limit. With my acid ball, went up and killed me an emperor moloch - grabbing my second moloch armour was what finally put me into burdened, so I dropped one. Read the scroll, then gave it to the sage, got me a trident so I started wielding that (took of my ring of immunity by then). Tossed up between crowning of law or balance, and went with balance when I realized how hard it was to get to L+. Tome of donors finally gave me paralysation resistance (had 2 sources of death resistance too), so went down to mana temple - wands of fireball, lit torch, and (once those damned eyes were dead) scrolls of power + acid ball = final orb. Came back and waited round for the next darknight (about 210 days in by then), got me a crown of chaos (potion of poison + ball spell). Alchemy had a fairly easy recipe for gain level, so my stats were averaging between the 40s and 50s by this point (mana in the 70s with the trident) - but part of the recipe used troll blood, so my natural regeneration was lacking (my amulet + healing spells helped there). Collected the medallion, dived for the final level, use the orbs, used my si to get round D49 (the long way, cos it was fun), then acid-balled my way through D50 and waited until I was very corrupted (entered at M corruption level by then, did have mana battery but not poison hands). Jumped through the gate, then started reading scrolls of corruption removal until I had only a couple left (teleporting once to defend myself). Then played a game of teleporting, acid-balling (mostly from hp), drinking potions of ultra healing, extra healing, cure corruption, reading scrolls of power, and praying to get my hp back until there were one fewer chaos gods around. The rest, as the end-game says, is history.