There used to be fun special effects on the Emperor Moloch level of the Scintillating Cave and upon entering the Chaos Gate. While I can still see them on the ASCII-minimap, there are none in graphics mode; Scintillating Cave 9 looks like any other dungeon and upon entering the Chaos Gate you're just standing in D:50 reading the message feed at the bottom left. I... died upon entering the Gate (a good story for YASD I guess, thought I had Q in Corruptions but I only had P) so I can't attest to that but I think I've seen a Youtube video a couple years ago and I vividly remember that the cHaOs pLaNe also doesn't differ from any other dungeon in terms of how the walls look etc.

I'm not familiar with all of the advanced settings in NotEye, I prefer to not touch what I have. So if there's just something I don't have on, it would be nice to know, otherwise, you know, players make such an effort for an Ultra and some eye candy would be nice