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Thread: Maximum Possible Damage

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    Quote Originally Posted by blunk View Post
    Does that mean phase dagger now is just a basic penetrating dagger?
    Yes. Phase dagger produces extra message spam and is wishable, but it works the same ways as weapons "of penetration".

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    Bummer. Waste of a cool name.

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    On the subject my current human barbarian actually found an eternium 2h of devastation.
    Sadly no prefix and I will not grind for 99 str.

    RH: blessed eternium two-handed sword of devastation (+18, 10d5+24) [-1, +0]

    The damage is bonkers, now I just need find weakness and pray to rngesus that it doesn't get eaten by eye of destruction/annihilator.
    (I found it rather early and had it before bigpunch, pyramid, graveyard and darkforge.)

    I have found eternium 2h spear of devastation but never seen a wicked weapon of devastion of any quality.

    According to the wiki there are 33 prefixes and 19 suffixes, just getting both a prefix and a suffix is rare enough, to get the correct ones (if it's equal chance) is 1 in 627.

    (I have found that sort of 2h sword at most 5 times before but never with a prefix.)

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