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Thread: Winning, then dying. Stupidly (beware the Greater Undead vault!).

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    Default Winning, then dying. Stupidly (beware the Greater Undead vault!).

    Ok, so I haven't played Adom in a few years, but all this new content got me curious so I started up a gnome druid (Mr. Smurf) for fun to try and visit the new places. Smurf had trouble finding decent spells but found an adamantium warhammer of penetration early on which made life easy. Unfortunately he got stuck between two dwarves while descending the UD, so at this point I knew that finding Rolf would be impossible. And no wishes from pools (10 drained, got doomed three times but no wish), signalled this would be an ordinary gate closer guy. Instead he got neutrally crowned with Purifier, which made life even easier for him. The Haggard greater vault gave him BoW, and at this point he was unstoppable. Most enemies were vanquished in melee, including the ACW, Barney and Fisty. None stood a chance. The gate was closed, and on D:50 he finally found a decent spellbook - Invoked Devastation. I thought to myself "why not give that Greater Undead vault a few levels up that I skipped a run for its money?" With Wi at 50 from dual wielding Purifier and Nonnak it would surely be a pushover, right? He had recently killed a few Emperor Liches, and they were unable to confuse him, and with lots of undead slaying ammo to spare plus his new spell - what could possibly go wrong? Ok, here we go!

    He cleared the first rooms with minor undead very easily, and progressed to the big chamber with the Kings and the Emperor. None were able to harm him a bit. Easy, right? The Liches kept summoning pathetic creatures, all falling for the improved fireballs. Goblins? Meh! Black Dragons? Please! Earth Elementals? You can do better than that, surely! Outlaws? Bah! Oh, I guess they weren't Outlaws after all. One of the Lich Kings had just summoned 8 Ultimate Doppelgangers in a ring around my poor druid. Before I had a chance to realise what was about to happen he went from over 700 hp (undamaged) to -150 (very dead). In one turn. Ouch!

    Heed this warning, kids! No matter how beef you may think your character is, a Greater Undead vault has the potential of messing you up real good.

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    Ouch yes, the summons can be dangerous, mostly for messing up tho.
    Greater Karmic Wyrms is also a favourite summon.
    Basically a can you kill whatever RNG throws at you test.
    All summons are at zero exp while the stuff in the vault have massive exp, thats why a GUV lich king is much tougher than one dug up in a graveyard.

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