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Thread: Make Magic! Get your own spell into the game

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    Swallow the Purloined Life

    The target temporarily looses all skills and spells as the caster steal a piece of the target's soul. For the same duration, the caster gains access to all the skills and spells of the target, as they swallow the stolen soul.

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    Russian roulette

    Does a lot of damage to an enemy close to you but it has the 1/6 change to get inflicted on the caster itself instead.

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    Intangibility -- Grants the spellcaster the ability to walk through walls for a very short amount of time. Perhaps deadly if you suddenly become tangible inside of a wall.

    Lifetap -- Dark necromantic magic that allows you to drain the very life out of a creature. Heals the caster for as much damage as is inflicted (or a portion thereof). A chaotic magic, liberal use of this spell drops your alignment. No effect on undead or constructs.

    Tangleroot -- Similar to web, this spell shoots out a ray of dense and tripping roots. Creatures who walk over this root are significantly slowed, and potentially even stopped in their tracks.

    Create Food -- desperate wizards are sometimes able to sustain themselves on Mana alone. Casting this spell creates a bountiful meal that greatly satiates the caster. (Maybe at the cost of a temporary Mana or PP loss.)

    Stomp -- This range:1 spell deals massive damage to bugs. It annoys any other type of creature.

    Panic The Dead -- A wave of fear subtly disrupts necromantic magics. Fears undead in an AOE.

    Command -- One enemy becomes Tame for a short while. Is hostile afterwards and cannot be Tamed again.

    Prismatic Ray -- Shoots a ray of magic that is of a random element. Acts identically to Frost bolt, Fire Bolt, Acid Bolt etc. Could be non-elemental (ie. magic missle) or even non-typical elements such as Earth or Mana.

    Alchemize -- This spell has the ability to turn certain items into Gold. Some foolish wizards make their living Alchemizing all day. Everyone knows adventuring is much more profitable, albeit more dangerous.

    Breath Water -- This spell causes the caster to grow tiny gills just under their ears.

    These are just a few of the ideas I had. I would love to see some of these added. They could seriously increase a casters options in-game. I'd like to see some non caster abilities that are exclusive to the mundane classes, too. That would be fun.

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    Inner sight- makes you see through the dark, so if you stay inside you see outside lit area as well as shadows of creatures luring through the darkness. Can be cast on companions.
    Animate weapon - makes a weapon lying on the ground in adjacent square your animated companion for a few turns. After the spell wears off, the weapon corrodes or with a small chance is destructed. Artifacts, ranged and rusted weapons can not be animated. Weapons that can't be corroded will still have a chance to be destructed.
    Fate shift - applies a random beneficial or bad effect for duration, the effects include all existent instinsics and statuses (resistances, immunities, blessed, cursed, doomed, fate smiles, lucky, hungry, satiated, bloated, overburdened, strained!, strained, levitating, deaf, blind, and so on), temporarily reducing mana stat (more mana for strong ones like immunities, blessed, etc.) and adding health for the bad ones (cursed, doomed, sickness, poison, etc.). Alignment drops become stronger during the duration as your deity is watching you closely. The first casts starts a set of effects. The maximum size of set is limited to 1+Wi/16 effects, +1 for being extreme alignment (L+, N=, C-), +1 for being crowned. Each effect increases the duration of the set, and all of the effects wear off only when the set duration ends (sick, poison and such stuff can't be cured by any means and are removed on the duration end). After the set has wear off, the next casts starts the new set. Only bad effects occur after becoming a fallen champion.
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    I am a huge 2nd edition such ive always been drawn towards spells that require components and overly complicated logistics. Im not sure how feasible that will make implantation (im not a programmer ) but here goes.

    Binding- Binds creatures (as long as the creature fails a willpower roll) into a gem equipped in your tool slot. Different gems could be used to different effects. Maybe 1 type of gem converts the creatures life-force into a usable HP boost while another converts the creatures life-force into a mana battery. Another type could simply imprison a creature for release at a later time. Another takes control of the creatures mind and whoever holds the gem has control (tamed) the creature. Maybe some types of creatures infuse the gem with fire/ice/acid/magic resistance etc, etc. Then (if implemented) maybe the resistance gems could be a component in weapon-smithing. Also maybe adding clothing and jewelry making to smithing?

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    The next spell you cast has its effect repeated once, with the same direction / target. (perhaps a few problematic spells are impossible to Reverberate)

    Summons a spectral image of Target creature (monster or self) that is immune to damage. After X turns it disappears.

    Absorb Energy
    The next time you would be damaged by fire or lightning damage, you gain that much mana instead.

    Time Travel
    Target creature (monster or self) disappears from the world for 50 turns. Then it returns at the same location. If the location is occupied by another creature on return, that creature dies. If the location is occupied by a wall on return, or by another creature that is immune to Djinni strangulation, the time traveling creature dies instead.
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    You steal a scroll labelled HITME. The orc hits you.

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    Awwww, Astral Projection? Gate? Fabricate?


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