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    Default First victory after 266 hours

    After all this time I finally closed the gate with Pattieboons the Raven-born gnomish wizard.

    She descended through the Small Cave and Unremarkable Dungeon, and murdered the Dwarven Veteran for his eternium armour which would be the best armour she would find for the whole game (thanks for the idea Grond...) Went and got some cooked lizards and then got precrowned with Tattered Cloak of the Dark Souls, which was actually pretty useful, if annoying. Killed Keethrax and got the Frost Bolt stuff, did the Puppy Cave and then descended to Dwarftown. Picked up the Rolf Set and never used it for the whole game, as the Twisted Staff "Kalmius' Shield" turned up randomly in the Dwarftown shop. I had nowhere near enough cash so I successfully stole it - definitely the best drop of the game and was used right up to the end. Did the Pyramid, Dwarven Graveyard, Gremlin Cave, got crowned with Ring of Immunity at some point. Did a lot of grinding at that point because I was still feeling very squishy and too ill equipped for TOEF. So I did some random dungeons, did Blup's quest for the Rune-covered Trident, and explored down to the Wall of Flames, stopping to pick up the Cornucopia in the Fungal Caves, and do the Water Temple. At that point I finally got some decent drops like Ring of Ice and Fireproof Blanket. I think I did the first Ice Queen Quest too, as I like to go into the ACW fight with a potion of cure corruption or two! I didn't bother with the greater undead vault in the frost jarl caves - I missed out on Protector and Crown of Leadership.

    ToEF went pretty smoothly. Cure Corruption potion, Trident and frost bolts made short work of it. The ACW's corpse rotted away instantly! I went to get the Ring of the High Kings next - again, the Trident and Frost Bolt made it simple.

    Next it was off to the Casino, which I robbed for the first time (I stole everything!) Artifact was Whip of the Vampire Snake - pretty useless. But I got seven-league boots and my first ball spells of the game, Acid Ball, Fireball and Lightning Ball. Activated Darkforge shortcut (there was nothing useful in Darkforge.) The Cat Lord might have been a problem as I made a silly mistake and killed cats unnecessarily, but in the end I never even saw him.

    The next two elemental temples went very smoothly. D:47 had a greater Giant vault - thannnk you for being an easy time. I used a lot of spells and slaying ammunition and came away with no less than three artifacts - Cloak of Oman, Scorched Spear and Staff of the Archmagi. Nature's Breath also dropped randomly on D:48 and a D:46 surge of power apparently generated the potion belt, although I never found it.

    I was real scared of Nuurag-Varn as he ended my last promising run. I went in with two sources of death resist, amulet of light, see invis intrinsic, all elemental immunities of course, and about 11 potions of extra healing, most of which got used! I kited him out into the main level, blinded him, read a scroll of power and blasted him with Acid Ball, ducking up the stairs to heal as necessary. Phew!

    D:48 generated a lot of scary monsters - black unicorns, greater titans and stuff. I ended up teleporting heaps to get away from them. Had no potion of uselessness for D:49.

    D:50 felt so sketchy. I had the babbling mouth corruption which kept wasting all my PP. Fought through waves of monsters and avoided the balors rather than fight them. I used door creation and scrolls of familiar summoning to lock down the levers, and then teleported out with the gate closed.

    Before I left the chain I used magical writing sets to make corruption removal scrolls, but didn't have quite enough to get rid of all of the corruption. I did a lot of alchemy during the run too, brewing potions of gain attributes and blindness. Somehow I got the Plutonium Man achievement, so I must have killed a large variety of monsters!
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    I think 266 is pretty fast for a win! I sure took longer than that. Sounds like a solid run (and yes, NV is terrifying).


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