Brb 2 mins+, the Raven-born Dwarven Mindcrafter, managed to close the gate in 1 hour, 34 minutes, and 10 seconds. Time starts after name entry, which is how in-game time in the .flg is measured. Video: or

Why dwarf?
  • The run goes for a quick Rolf set, and doesn't waste time waiting for the guaranteed lawful altar in settlement. The other lawful races are much weaker.
  • Detect Traps is useful in general and seems to allow a fast Mana Temple strategy.
  • Digging resources can be quite tight, so Mining (which mindcrafter gets at an oddly high level) is helpful.
  • Access to Mithril Skin is a nice side benefit.
  • Hammerhead, while not the best, would be a reasonably helpful crowning gift, as there's no guarantee that the run will have any fireproofing items.

Why mindcrafter?
  • Not having to RNG into teleport control is a big boost to reliability. Also necessary to guarantee early access to Rolf set without some crazy elite dwarven guardian strats.
  • Confusion blast trivializes a lot of enemies that would otherwise kill the character or waste a lot of time. Confusion also comes in handy for Air Temple.
  • Reduced confusion duration is helpful against ACW and especially archmage, and there's no guaranteed confusion resistance.
  • Their crowning gift pool is quite good, with only staff of the wanderer being a complete dud.
  • The monster detection from Eyes of the Mind can save you a massive amount of time by avoiding nasty tension and threat rooms.

Why Raven?
  • +10 speed is OP.
  • The run can't count on fireproofing gear, so RCT is needed in lieu of cheap tricks versus ACW. The trident ends up saving time later on in Earth Temple and D:50 as well.

Point buy?
19 Strength, 6 Learning, 11 Willpower, 10 Dexterity, 22 Toughness, 1 Charisma, 1 Appearance, 18 Mana, 10 Perception. 3 starting talents with 4 points left over.

Healthy -> Hardy -> Tough Skin -> Iron Skin -> Steel Skin -> Mithril Skin -> (Immune to Pain, Quick, Very Quick, Affinity with Axes, Greased Lightning)... -> Doesn't matter past this point.

The route:
  1. I startscum for ring of the fish. This is for UD rivers as well as Fungal Caves, both of which need to be taken care of before Swimming can be acquired.
  2. Started out in Terinyo, bought rations, lured sheriff to Hole in the Wall for an amulet of order, and then picked up the Carpenter quest.
  3. Generated Goblin Camp and used confusion and true berserk to grab the weapons, armor, and shields. Lucked out with a mithril sword and a large mithril shield.
  4. Scouted SMC and found a great stairs layout, but the blanket was impossible to retrieve due to a mixed tension room.
  5. Gained Healing the lawful way, making some use of confusion on Yriggs to make things safer.
  6. Dove through UD.
  7. After getting to HMV I went back to Goblin Camp to pick up a bunch of rocks. Lost a good deal of scrolls because I'm an idiot (random blanket I picked up in UD was *not* waterproof). Killed dwarven veteran from across the HMV river with a combination of rocks and mind blast. He dropped a completely aver