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Thread: Ugh, need climbing set in NW

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    Miser: if you do have alert, you might as well go for TH at this point, sure. Not as if talents make a major difference at this level anyway. Good luck! I still think dipping logs into raw chaos is your best bet, you just need to grind one more level now.
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    Note: early in this process I realized that the grind could easily use up, e.g., all 1300 castings of Burning Hands, so I switched to the Rolf set. Now at level 9 in axes...

    Reached 21, took Miser, continued grinding to 22

    Went to MM. Got to 23, got drained from 35 to 28 LE by mages on a FALSE level, got to 24 and took TH, have now cleared out I think 2 fake level 5s and 3 fake level 6s. Was thinking I might as well just finish MM before going back, but I'm getting low enough on food that I think I'll 'retreat' to UC.

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