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Thread: Kickstarter Announcement: ADOM the Roleplaying game

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    Default Kickstarter Announcement: ADOM the Roleplaying game

    Dear community!
    We are very happy to announce that the kickstarter campaign for ADOM the Roleplaying game is now live!
    Based on the groundbreaking genre defining roguelike computer game, ADOM the Roleplaying game will allow you to adventure with your friends in the Ancient Domains of Mystery. Ancardia was a peaceful world, but a mysterious Gate has opened in a deep and long forgotten cave and now the forces of Chaos spread their corrupting taint, twisting and changing the very essence of beings.
    It is for the heroes to decide which side to choose, if any, for Chaos offers tempting powers far beyond mortal capabilities.
    12 races and 22 classes allow for a wide variety of unique playstyles where both class and race decisions will continue to matter as the characters grow in power.
    ADOM the Roleplaying game is part of the Old School Revival movement and fully compatible with other OSR titles, featuring the "Danger System" - a smart take on advantage/disadvantage mechanics designed to simulate complex situations with very few rolls.
    Featuring over 600 full colored pages with gorgeous, handpicked artwork over two books, ADOM the Roleplaying game seeks to set new standards in indie RPG design.
    If you want to learn more and see some spectacular samples, check us out at
    Please note that this is the Kickstarter for the pen & paper roleplaying game. The Kickstarter campaign for Ultimate ADOM (, the sequel to ADOM the computer game, will launch at the end of February.
    And if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
    Thomas Biskup
    ADOM Creator & Maintainer
    Thomas Biskup
    ADOM & Ultimate ADOM Maintainer -

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    Two days to go! (Funded, and four stretch goals unlocked!) If you planned on backing but haven't yet, now is the time -- and if you like us but haven't shown our link to every rpg fiend you know yet, now's the time for that too Help us reach the next stretch goal so we can write an extra module for all backers!
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    I'm so excited about this. Plus I love what an homage to Dungeons & Dragons that cover art is. Can't wait to have the ADOM books next to my AD&D ones.


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    I sadly missed the kick starter due to technical difficulties is there going to be a way to send you guys some cash to support the development as well as getting in the beta?

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    Any updates on the ADOM RPG? There are no activities in the beta forum. The creator team does not respond to posted threads and there are also no activities from the team on Kickstarter. Did something odd happened to the team? Because even PMs are staying unanswered.

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