Hey there!

That is my first UCG win, 220 hours of playtime in steam now.

I attached both character dump and my text file with UCG instructions, made it for myself.

1) Found dagger of devastation in the camp, decided to go for melee a bit (previous wins i used magic exclusively)
2) Silence of the Dead in Casino;
3) Picked up artifact poisoned spear somewhere, made a few levels in polearms for TotRR;
4) Got crowned with robes of resistance, that saved life to the Merchant guild dragon, as the only valuable artifact there was the Nature's Friend;
5) Got two RODS, first one was for the AOLS, wasted the second one wishing for "books of iceball", got nothing for that.
6) At D:30s there was a undead vault. I checked with item detection - and there was my favourite artifact ever - potion belt. In the middle of 20 liches. So I risked. Teleported two tiles from the belt and spawned fire ball, then teleported on a belt (luckily it wasn't picked by stupid liches), picked it and teleported away. I was never to clear the vault. Two ticks of confusion immunity and invisibility helped i think, because they couldn't confuse me during those 8-10 turns that i was inside the vault.
7) When i have potion belt, the game is done. I can't resist raising stats to 90s. I like ball spells to kill half a screen.
8) Nothing special anymore i think. First time made the black unicorn quest, got the achievement.
9) Boots of far wanderer on D:49, the best yet i've got.
10) Used the cool lightning bolt strategy on the PlAnE, accidentally prayed and my god summoned a bunch of greater balors, which made me a bit of hard times (acid ball with max radius made the thing).
11) Got the UCG, 25M, 50M, Riurry achievements on Steam, overall i'm very satisfied with this run.The only downside is that it's wizard again. Too easy class, i know. I tried DE Archer, but somehow RNG crushed my games around dwarftown. No idea what to pick next, i think i'll just stick with "under lvl 20" achievement for lulz. Trollish bard, based on the killer bug minion should work i think.