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Thread: Screw lich kings and lich emperors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mndfreeze View Post
    Apparently I lied. Died again in the frost yarl caves once again to a greater undead vault full of 293582759248 liches. ONE OF THESE DAYS ILL GET YOU *shakes fist*
    My strategy for GUV's: make a mental note about there being a GUV, run like a little bitch, close the chaos gate, and if I feel bored after closing the gate, attempt to clear the GUV. If I get killed in the process, I don't really care anymore, because I know I've already closed the gate and "beaten" the game, everything after that is a bonus.

    Attempting a greater undead vault at level 25 is like going into the African savannah, running into a troup of lions and - instead of running like a little bitch - attempting to kill them with nothing but your Swiss pocket knife as a weapon.
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