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Thread: Screw lich kings and lich emperors.

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    Default Screw lich kings and lich emperors.

    And mostly screw them spawning in huge numbers in the mid game. Every good run I've had so far I've lost to them, usually by them summoning 913587194578149 things all around me, then confusing me, then stat draining me because I can't do anything.

    Super frustrating.

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    Have you encountered more than 1-2 at a time, NOT in greater vaults, more than a few times? That sounds...terrible.

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    It was the greater vault in the frost giant caverns for the ice queen quest. By the time I even saw there were kings and a few emperors in there it was already faarrrrr too late.. there were about 6 to 8 kings, maybe 2 to 4 emps, and 6+ master liches in the vault plus a ton of ghosts/spectres/etc. They summoned so quickly they had me trapped and it was too late. The first game I lost to them was in DH in a tension room before I knew they even could stat drain me.

    Side note I just accidentally ended my next run by misclicking the wrong artifact (his precrown gift..) to sac to my god. Oops. This game is either feast or famine for me. There is never any in between. lol. I exited and deleted. I'm not even going to try to come back from that.

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    Oh. If the greater vault is undead, I kill like 8 ghosts and then leave. I treat undead greater vaults as if they were empty levels or guaranteed death. I don't really consider them possible for anything that isn't an archer with undead slaying ammo and some luck. I know that's an overstatement, but...yeah. It's just terrible.

    With one wizard I had done IQD, skipped vault, done ToEF, maybe even gone down to D48/mana temple, and thought "oh before I close the gate, I'll clear the vault for XP and items". After my wizard's learning had been drained down to 2, I realized that I had made a poor decision........

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    Stat drains really are insanely overpowered. There needs to be more ways to resist / counter it since raising stats back up is so hard, and having them lowered even small amounts can sometimes be game ending. It's probably my biggest gripe with the game. Every other effect in the game just about has a counter method possible, whether its a skill or having a stat above X, an item, or has readily available potions, etc. Potions to regain stats are on the rare side comparatively.

    This was the first time I'd seen that vault in the frost giant caves be full of undead. I'm still new to adom, but every other time I've done it there were either giants, dragons, or some other type of mob. Greater undead vaults are disgusting.

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    GUVs with more than one emp lich are known to be extremely frustrating and by some, they are considered more difficult, or at least more troublesome, than D50.

    It's why I love mindcrafters. On paper, they are the least suitable class to tackle a GUV but in reality, once you get GTB at level ~30, you can kill the emps and kings without having to even acknowledge their summons.
    Plus at that point, an MC will have their willpower at sufficiently decent level to only have to equip a single item with confusion resistance to counter the mind attack.
    Not every R/C combination can do a GUV and among those who can, a lot depends on equipment.
    Liches are notoriously slow, with speeds around 90. A high level monk with 7LB and long stride can easily kite them in pure melee without the risk of stat loss.
    I'd say archers and other decent range non-casters could deal with them using missiles of undead slaying or perhaps Sun's Messenger if you're lucky.
    Casters have fireballs, very effective against liches but a supercharged blessed wand of fireballs with some boosted willpower should produce similar effect.

    However, in the past, I would skip these vaults entirely with certain characters, most notably the short-lived ones.
    Pick an elf and as a barbarian, you can reach a point where one-shoting lich royalty with tremendous blows is your daily bread.
    Oh, I have once cleared a GUV with a ratling duelist, getting aged once, by about 4 years.
    Had to be extremely careful and focused, to the point where I did not find the gameplay entertaining anymore, as it was very slow and full of checks every turn, much more so than during a regular game.
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    Solution: if you see a Greater Undead Vault, leave it alone.

    Be aware of the mindset that you have to kill every monster you encounter. It is a trap and will get you killed. Fight when the risk/reward ratio is good, otherwise just don't bother.

    In the DH, the most important tool for survival is a wand of monster detection. It will let you know what parts of the level you need to avoid.
    You steal a scroll labelled HITME. The orc hits you.

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    Yeah. Going forward I'm pretty much planning to do exactly that. Leave em alone. I did have the legendary skaguri which made me overconfident against undead/demons, but I also didn't know the liches were in there. I thought it was all ghosts/spectres/etc until I was a little bit into it, which then got me trapped.

    the DH tension room was just me not knowing the game. Was my first time in DH and I didn't know about stat drains and didn't know DH had such a higher level of DL for spawning. I went from untouchable by anything at that point in the game to wtfbbq. lol

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    Apparently I lied. Died again in the frost yarl caves once again to a greater undead vault full of 293582759248 liches. ONE OF THESE DAYS ILL GET YOU *shakes fist*

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    Quote Originally Posted by mndfreeze View Post
    Apparently I lied. Died again in the frost yarl caves once again to a greater undead vault full of 293582759248 liches. ONE OF THESE DAYS ILL GET YOU *shakes fist*
    My strategy for GUV's: make a mental note about there being a GUV, run like a little bitch, close the chaos gate, and if I feel bored after closing the gate, attempt to clear the GUV. If I get killed in the process, I don't really care anymore, because I know I've already closed the gate and "beaten" the game, everything after that is a bonus.

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