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Thread: Screw lich kings and lich emperors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mndfreeze View Post
    Apparently I lied. Died again in the frost yarl caves once again to a greater undead vault full of 293582759248 liches. ONE OF THESE DAYS ILL GET YOU *shakes fist*
    My strategy for GUV's: make a mental note about there being a GUV, run like a little bitch, close the chaos gate, and if I feel bored after closing the gate, attempt to clear the GUV. If I get killed in the process, I don't really care anymore, because I know I've already closed the gate and "beaten" the game, everything after that is a bonus.

    Attempting a greater undead vault at level 25 is like going into the African savannah, running into a troup of lions and - instead of running like a little bitch - attempting to kill them with nothing but your Swiss pocket knife as a weapon.
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    I mentioned this in the discord, but I recently arrived on D:50, opened the first door, and was greeted by seven Emperor Lich in the next room. I more or less immediately freaked out, cursed in every language I know how to, optimized my character for stat drain and summons and prepared to die... then stopped and had a 'l'ook at the Liches. They were all uncaring / peaceful. I SLAMMED the door shut faster than I've ever done anything else, locked it, raced around to the other side of the room, locked THAT door too, and then beat the game with essentially no trouble. D:50 is easy compared to Emperor Lich.

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    I always ran in fear when facing an undead vault. Then someone on the discord channel, I forget who, said something along the lines of this:

    Undead vaults aren’t so bad. Just make sure you have plenty of undead slaying ammo, and patience. Don’t get surrounded, and have on-demand teleportation in case something gets summoned that you can’t deal with.

    Since then, I’ve cleared like 4 undead vaults with different characters, easily. One of them was with a level 22ish assassin.

    They aren’t that bad. Melee what you can, which is almost everything. When a Lich King or Lich Emperor pops it’s head out (make sure you have Death Ray resistance for the latter), berserk and shoot that sucker. NEVER get into melee with those things.

    Ancient Karmic Wyrms die easily to dragon slaying ammo. Ultimate Doppelgangers die quickly to wands of fireballs; just keep your health topped off and never fight more than one at a time. You likely won’t see either however; those are just the worst of what you could see.

    Just have patience. You’ll slowly whittle away all of the Lich kings and lich emperors. You’ll probably need about 25 slaying ammo at the end of it all, assuming you set it up so you can semi-easily recover your arrows/quarrels. Make sure your missile skill is high enough so you can actually hit. Bracers of precision and rings of slaying both really help. Use the best ranged weapon you have.

    Bear all of that in mind, and GUVs aren’t that bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grobblewobble View Post
    Solution: if you see a Greater Undead Vault, leave it alone.

    Be aware of the mindset that you have to kill every monster you encounter. It is a trap and will get you killed. Fight when the risk/reward ratio is good, otherwise just don't bother.

    In the DH, the most important tool for survival is a wand of monster detection. It will let you know what parts of the level you need to avoid.
    Best advice, died so many times thinking "I clean everything up and get more artifacts" ... wrong.
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