Mist elf Wizard [aiming for late-game OP, goal of an archmage with Scroll of Omnipotence], precrowned with Bracers of War, which I'd never actually seen before. Cleared pyramid. Walked over to IQD aiming to gain some levels, making use of AMW cold immunity. *Forgot* the level requirement, so I couldn't enter. Decided "Oh I have a climbing set and I'm standing right here, why don't I go see which of the random dungeons is in the Northwest."

But...you see...my climbing skill was at like 37 because I hadn't planned on using it yet. So I fell. And took 265 damage.

Note: level 14 mist elves do not have 265 health. Neither do mist elf gate closers, sometimes. So I super super super died due to my own foolishness.