Browsed the search results and checked the wiki and I'm not 100% clear on this. I used the method where you go chaotic in hidden mountain city, then angered the chaotic god until I had massive amounts of bug warnings. Left, went to new town and sac'd 1 gold at a time to raise my alignment. Playing a gnome healer and currently level 14.

I precrowned three times as lawful. My question is, if I had PREcrowned as neutral then kept going and switched to lawful, does my god get angry? I know for CROWNED players you become fallen but it doesn't say anywhere if that applies to precrowned as well. I didn't want to risk my game since it's going so well but it would be good info to know for future runs as I'd like to spend some of the earlier game neutral then switch to lawful a bit later for the full crowning.

Going to get the tome of donors now as I find it really handy and no down sides. Have to grab it now or I'll be past the exp restriction on grabbing it.