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    Mist elven weaponsmith. I'd just come back to the game after years hiatus. I'm level 25, covered in eternium, done the ice queen's quest, killed the mummy, cleared the water temple, the tower of elemental flame seeme beyond my reach so i went to get the ring of the high kings, wipe the skeleton king. I start building a bridge across the water, because theres no way an ice bridge holds out. I run out of logs with 2 sections to go, debate getting more logs or dropping weight to go across and ice bridge, instead my brain decides to just walk straight into chaos pirhana soup.

    there was no game nonsense, no failed check. I just thought to hard about "hit S to get more logs or D to drop items" and instead hit N, died immediately.
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    Ice bridge holds out perfectly well as long as you don't carry more than 2000 stones of equipment. Just drop all your stuff on the upstairs of the Skeletal King level, except the items you need to dispatch the Skeletal King (and the wand of cold of course). Don't worry, nobody's goint to steal your sh*t

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    That was unfortunate!

    I remember one time I got bored of my low-level Hi-Elf Archer and consently walked on chaos altar while goblin was nearby, so I ended up as an offering. Another time my so-promising trollish healer was sacrificed while making his own offerings, because I 'O'-ffered tonnes of items one by one and never paid attention that the room's door opened. Another interesting death, also by negliegance, was blasting my Mist Elf Chaos Knight when I first time touched alchemy section, then kaboom! The fireball killed me.

    So far my greatest advance in game is 31 lvl Dwarvish Merchant who made it especially good... until Ultimate Doplegangar finished him with ease. I got a feeling that Smithery and Mining and Gemology are powerfull and worth further research, though, thanks to this character.

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