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Thread: Anything interesting a fallen champion can do with all 4 gate keys?

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    Default Anything interesting a fallen champion can do with all 4 gate keys?

    My funny- bad- luck character has continued. The 9th boar dropped a skull (even though I was using "of hunting"!) On game day 161 (hooray for scarf absorbing background corruption) , I found a scroll of danger in a scroll shop back on UD1, and i wished for the first potions if cure corruption of the game.

    BUT *accepting* the Medal of Chaos is chaotic! So now im a fallen Neutral champion with scepter, crown, medal, and trident. I think that makes me ineligible for passing through the gate in any known way. Right? Is there anything interesting I can now do, or should I go close the stupid gate?

    I suppose I could do some testing of sacrificing or giving away the trinity, but I suspect that has already been done.

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    Try talking with Oracle while wearing the chaos trinity - she supposedly has some dialog related to it. Instead of closing the gate you could just enter and see what happens to a fallen champion with the proper items equipped. I'd wager very few people have actually seen those messages.

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    Oracle only said "the sword might be mightier than the word" for both trinity or pair + Trident. I'll wipe D:50, and then flip a coin for whether to get shredded in the gate with the Trinity or with the Trident. Thanks, as always, for your tips, Grond. Really appreciate it.

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    Please don't leave us hanging though. Satisfy our thirst for forsaken, obscure knowledge and tell us what happened.
    "Hell is empty and all the devils are here."

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    Wiped D:50, equipped chaos trinity, waited a REALLY long time to get from 4 corruptions to 17, boosted willpower/speed on principle, stepped into gate, pressed Y after prompt

    "You feel at home....
    ...somewhat" (or "almost", sorry, I didn't write that part down)

    many-tentacled entity comes toward me
    "YeT aNoThEr Of ThOsE tInY sErVaNtS."
    "YoUr StAtUs WiLl Be InCrEaSeD"

    and I was corrupted into oblivion.

    Interestingly, score file shows that I was "transformed into a true servant of Chaos on level 50 of the caverns of chaos" even though I briefly saw the ChAoS plane.

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