I'm wondering if anyone else is getting this glitch.

It only happens when I play Adom and I only play Adom through Steam on Windows.

I'll be able to play normally for ~20 minutes and then my keyboard glitches out. It behaves like a key is stuck down and just repeats it over and over. The mouse still works file and if I click on a text field in another application then I'll see the key that is repeating e.g. "ZZZZZZZZ" or "llllllllll". The key seems to be different every time.

There doesn't seem to be a trigger that causes this symptom but it only happens when I play Adom. The game has sometimes even been in the background when the symptom occurs.

This seems to be a recent occurance and I just started using the rogueleague server but that might just be a coincidence.

I'm on this computer all day and it is very obvious that it's related to Adom. It's stable the entire day but I can get at most 20 minutes of Adom active before the symptom recurs.

Reconnecting the keyboard sometimes works to fix it but sometimes completely freezes the computer. I have a USB keyboard and mouse.

I've been playing adom for decades but this is the first time I'm seeing this behavior. It is definitely Adom specific.

Please note that I also frequently play Team Fortress 2 through Steam for long periods of time on this same computer and have not ever seen that symptom when playing TF2 ... only when Adom is active.

Thank you and please chime in if you've seen this behavior.