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Thread: First impressions / Suggestions

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    Default First impressions / Suggestions

    Excited to be a part of the Alpha! The game looks great already.

    Not entirely sure if a feedback list exists somewhere, but here are some first impressions:

    • Being able to equip directly from the ground would be nice
    • Perhaps right clicking in inventory would move items to the ground? (or other suitable shortcut)

    As for anyone who knows - I do have a few questions about the current state. Attempting to descend to second level triggered a trap or so that closed the entrance - is there currently only one level to test on? Can food be eaten? Can the character gain new skills from Level up?

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    Traps and such can be buggy (as can most of the game honestly).

    I don't think there's any satiation currently. I've not found a way to eat anything, and I've not seen my satiation bar drop at all.

    As you level, you get points to spend on various skills. Unlike ADOM where you have a 1-100 skill level that affects things, in this you basically just buy "perks" for each skill. So just static bonuses and new abilities tied to whatever.
    Quite disappointing really.

    There seems to be some form of weapon degradation in the game, but it's strange. Hitting enemies doesn't seem to do anything, but if you attack walls, your durability goes down. I've been beat on in a room full of enemies and not seen any of my armor take a dent, so it seems like it's ONLY for weapons being used to smash stuff.

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    Fuckin sweet. I used to love me some ADOM. Haven't played the graphical version yet but this makes me want to give it a try.

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    Super early and a little hollow.

    No diagonal moves is disappointing.

    Not sure how much time has past but, bringing in original ADOM characters would definitely help. Gaab Bay, Ice Queen (even a new Ice Queen), and even Tiny Girl may still survive.

    An overworld might be too much to ask for but an overarching story wouldn't. Why not make the first level a location in ADOM, perhaps a new trapdoor in Terinyo, or the Blue Dragon Cave. It would be nice to meet Blup there and he gives a quest?

    More story please, it was the charm of classic ADOM and woefully lacking here.

    I'm excited to see the progress, but probably won't play much until final release.

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    It's very early, but I can see one suggestion that'd make a huge difference to me - can we have an option for a permanent message window on the screen, perhaps a translucent one in the corner or something? Having to open the message tab every turn I think something may or may not have happened isn't doing it for me at all.

    Unless you can already keep the message window up while performing actions - I honestly haven't checked, given the size of it prevents you doing much else. If that's an option, perhaps letting players resize and/or move it would help.

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    Lack of diagonal movement and total change from ADOM keyboard shortcuts is very counter-intuitive.

    Same with having to press "Continue" after eating...for f**ks sake..WHY?
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    I personally would like to start outside the caverns, even if it is the only place currently accessible at the moment, in my head I know from the previous game that there is a whole lot more out there.

    "you are the only cactus in the garden of my life" Gomez - Adams Family

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    I like what your doing I know it's stil early.
    some suggestiosn, 1 Diagonal movementy please put it back. 2 More classes and races would love to see dark elves with a perception boost and a willpower boost and a stealth skill point and a class like ninja(magical rogue), rogue, samurai(magical fighter).
    3 give each factioin some stat boosts maybe one for learning and perception. 4 All classes should have some all skills at least 1 at start 5 I realy liked the birth signes from the origanal adom maybe include them some how even if it's just random.
    I think thtas enough ideas for now.

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    Solid game that requires thinking, strategy, character development as you like! (Or as needed)
    Whatever you find is yours! Choose your favorite speel, equip everything you can!

    Graphically fluid, (not woah but it's not bad), a lot of possibilities in term of playability!
    (Really cool camera rotation!)

    However, as the data is changed very frequently, my backups often don't work overnight!

    The game is changing and I love when a team works well and quickly. Final version on August 25th!

    Delivered ! Thanks

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