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Thread: Chilling and Deadly Silence. Be Afraid of it!

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    Default Chilling and Deadly Silence. Be Afraid of it!

    Mist Elf bard - did so well early on that I was confident going down stairs in the ID - heading for level 22 or 23, going to find some Chaos knights to get some better armor.

    Stepped downstairs into a room of deadly and chilling silence..... While I was wondering what it was...

    I suddenly got hit by a Huge bat that was right next to the stairs.

    Dead in one hit.

    I had to look up the room effect.

    Well, I looked it up after staring at the screen in complete disbelief for two minutes.

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    That's a bit of a terrifying death, really. I...was not familiar with that room effect. Note to self: run!

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