I know, super early in development and all, so I get that.

I am confused as to why there's no diagonal movement. Seems like a huge step back.

Also, currently traps aren't marked on the map when you hit them, which I think should be changed. I see there's a stealth skill that shows traps, but any trap you've triggered (or seen an enemy trigger) should automatically be displayed from then on. I mean, you SAW it trigger.

Tried the butchering corpse thing, but that just seems to crash the game at the moment, so I can't say much about it. But I'd like to know just how that's supposed to be working with the whole graft system. Will we be able to add extra limbs? Or simply replace existing ones? Will parts show stat changes? Or will it be something players have to experiment with?

I've not been able to find any sort of store yet (my game keeps crashing by the time I hit floor 5 or so for one reason or another).

I have to say I'm definitely NOT a fan of the inventory system. The limited space thing seems very odd.
Overall it feels like a lot of features are basically designed to be simplified for mobile. I mean, why not keep the old weight system from the original? Why is movement so limited?
Why are there so few hotkeys?

I've been playing the original ADOM since there was barely any content in it (I think back in the 0.2-ish days, lol). But so far Ultimate ADOM is looking to be very "dumbed down". And I'm quite disappointed in that.
I was basically expecting to see something that took everything ADOM had, and then build on it in various ways. This seems like a huge leap in the wrong direction.