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Thread: Text on buttons - oddity on Chromebook

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    Default Text on buttons - oddity on Chromebook

    OK, let me start by saying that I know this is not a normal situation and I don't expect a "drop everything and fix it" response - but if anyone has encountered and has a working fix, I'd appreciate it.

    I have been playing ADOM since it first came out and am not at a point where I am trying to get my kids to play. They have Chromebooks, and I have successfully gone through the steps to get Linux running on them and to get Steam running on Linux and to get ADOM running on Steam. It's all working perfectly ... except that when you launch Adom, the white text on the menu buttons is not there, most of the time. It's the most of the time part that has me puzzled. If I go into a menu item and the click on the button that should say "back" or "exit", the text for the previous menu appears in white, and works normally, but only for the main menu. All other menus are lacking readable text on the buttons. This feels like a draw-order problem, like the app is drawing the text and then drawing the buttons on top of the text, but I have no way to prove that as I don't know how to trace drawing events in a Steam app.

    When I go through the effort to modify the Linux environment to support the free version downloaded from the site, it all works perfectly. However, given how much I've enjoyed ADOM over the years, I'd like to actually buy a copy for each of the kids (and I think the kids want some of the special Steam features), so I'd like to get it working through Steam if I can.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    I'm running Ubuntu and also have the same problem. Sad =(

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    well, I noticed this on Ubuntu, but as I played ascii only for so long, I can only play it in ascii, and in that mode all the menus work normally.

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