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Thread: Lucky Plutonium Man!

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    Default Lucky Plutonium Man!

    This is my first win in Steam, and 5th overall (and the first in about 5 years!)
    I was surprised to get the Plutoniom Man achievement since I didn't do the blue caves, quickling tree, minotaur maze or bug cave. It was pretty much straight forward.
    I tried to do Rolf's quest but I couldn't find the ID map, even after talking to the dwarf (I got it mad afterwards, maybe that ruined it).
    I got lucky with a lawful alter in CoC1 and got precrowned with Executor and found good artifacts in general. I was really scared of ACW so I overprepared and it was a brease.
    I wanted to play safe so I trained a lot in bows, couldn't learn any spell so I ended up winning with no magic. I think I was close to be a Paragon of Order but it seems I killed some Blink Dogs in Vault without realizing (I got the original corpse for my teleport control by having another monster kill it for me somehow).
    I skipped the cat lord, the stairs were generated close by so I created a couple of doors in the nearby hallway and spend close to no time in that level.
    The hardes part was an ultimate doppelganger that jumped me, got me confused and almost kill me (had to pray twice). I managed to poison him eventually and learned that that worked. Ended up killing a couple more.
    Fistanarius was easy, but one of his lackeys summoned 5 ancient karmic wyrms which made it exciting.
    I couldn't save khelly, no life amulet anywhere to be found.
    Overall it was a fun run, not that long but with a nice surprise at the end.
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    Congrats on the win, but the Plutonium Man steam achievement is currently bugged and will trigger on just about any win.

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