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Thread: Cruel, cruel world.

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    Unhappy Cruel, cruel world.

    Screenshot SD.jpg

    OK, so it's not my stupid death, but still, stupid, stupid, stupid. :'(

    WHY?? RNG, WHY?????

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    So frustrating!

    I was particularly peeved the time this happened on PC 2 with a character who had also (for role play reasons) stopped the raider lord. I wish there was an option to have traps the puppy steps on damage our characters.

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    This isn't a world for cute puppies. My favorite is "the cute dog is horribly mutilated by the acidic fluids".
    Also, there was somebody years ago who leveled it to lvl 120 and it would take down molochs and balors I think.
    Could be wrong about that one though, there is no shortage of ADOM urban legends.
    "Hell is empty and all the devils are here."

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