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Thread: My first win ever: Mist elf (!) duelits

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    Default My first win ever: Mist elf (!) duelits

    Hi! I've recently finished this beautiful game for first time! Looking at date of first death achivement, it took me exactly three months and one day. I took small cave -> unremarkable dungeon rounte strait away and found out potion of strenght and potential strenght pretty early on and it was huge power spike. Unfortunately it was counter acted by bad luck as I found out my first griddle of carrying around level 32.

    Overall toughest moment was pyramid fight, when I was forced to throw 2 blessed potions of exchange at werewolf lords. And maybe maze, because that was my first maze and 8 magic mapping scrolls from bug temple werent really enough. I was crowned rather late, over 20 level I think. I got kinslayer, which was nice, but as I already wielded sword of sharpness not extremely nice. I hoped for fencing gloves or bracers. Got robe of master monk in fire dragon valut, which was located in... frost cave.

    I wanted to save old man, so I drank every pool in darkforge. Then every pool in unremerkable dungeon. Then in moldy. Then in puppy cave. Then in sinister. As I was losing hope, I finally got a wish from Antediluvian dungeon and second last level! But then managed to do so. But with frost cave cleaned, as well as darkforge and couple of random dungeon I moved to tower. And it wasnt challenging, beside the fact I got unholy aura as my first corruption. And I managed to anger Waldenbrook. No mithril ring for me ;_;. Overall I angered a few shopkeepers... 4 to be exact. May peace be upon them... ;_;

    In the end It was also first time I was fighting catlord! He went surprisingly easy. I just have to web him, stun him and backstab him to death. One last downturn was greater valur in lower CoC. I read scroll of monster detection. I saw undead. I shat my pants and quickly proceeded to stair.

    All in all if such a filthy casual as me can beat the game with mist elf, that mean [s]mist elfs[/s] duelists are OP! I even left game with two rings of djinni summonung! Overall I was supprised how good of a caster he was, even though being duelist. I regret not picking up spells earlier in the game.

    MiDu/43 N- DV/PV: 66/32 H: 475/475   P: 460/460    ----b-i-------H--0DrCh
            ^^^ ^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^         ^^^^^^
       ^^^ ^^*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^+^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^=====^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^@.^
     ^^"""""~~^^*^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^&&&&&&&&&""""=""""""""""&&&*&o..~^^^
     ^^^"""~~~^^^^^^^          ^^^*^o""""""""""""""""""=="""""""""&&&&&&&&&&^^^^
    Your skin is destroyed by the touch of impure metal!
    A road.
    Your skin is destroyed by the touch of impure metal!
                                Background Information
    Name: Georgio             Race: male Mist Elf       Class: Duelist
    Eye color: pearly         Hair color: silver        Complexion: white
    Height: 6'11"             Weight: 77 pounds
    Age: 8862 (adult, 95 years of unnatural aging added in)
    Star sign: Tree           Birthday: 6/Tree (day 336 of the year)
            You remember rising from the Mists... so long ago. Your brethren
     welcomed you into your physical existence and cared for you until you
     managed to cope on your own. Thus decades passed.
            As a young child you were taught by the elders of your race. They
     showed to you the whole breadth of creation and opened your mind to
     encompass whatever your life goal would become. Thus centuries passed.
            You spent your youth honing your skills and preparing for the
     ultimate quest that would change you forever: the trip to the mists of
     Destiny. Thus millennia passed and empires rose and fell.
            As a young adult your community prepared you for the final step
     towards adolescence: your Destiny Quest in the Mists of Time. In the full
     knowledge that this quest would change you forever you finally entered the
     Mists that birthed you and emerged changed... as decreed by the Dreamers
     from Beyond.
            You decided to become a Duelist.
    Total weight: 13711 stones                Carrying capacity: 20376 stones
    He: -
    Ne: -
    Bo: uncursed robe of the master monk (+6, +0) [+8, +4] {Wi+10} (+10 spd)
    Gi: blessed girdle of carrying [+0, +0]                               [15s]
    Cl: cursed tattered cloak of the dark souls [+6, +3] {Wi-3}           [23s]
    RH: -
    LH: -
    RR: uncursed ring of slaying (+8 melee damage, +6 missile damage)      [1s]
    LR: uncursed ring of slaying (+6 melee damage, +6 missile damage)      [1s]
    Br: uncursed quicksilver bracers [+7, +3] (+6 spd)                    [10s]
    Ga: uncursed rusty gauntlets of strength (-1, +0) [-1, +1] {St+3}     [40s]
    Bo: blessed seven league boots [+3, +2]                               [30s]
    MW: -
    Mi: bundle of 12 uncursed rusty winged quarrels of slaying (+1, 2d6)  [24s]
    Tl: -
                                  His further life:
    After he leaves the Drakalor Chain he is welcomed by his people with great
    honors. They acknowledge his noble deeds, his valor, his cunning and his
    great skills that helped to prevent the complete destruction of the world he
    knows. He returns to his lands victorious and is hailed as a great leader.
    Eventually he becomes king and rules his subjects with an iron fist for a
    long and peaceful time, allowing his people to prosper and grow.
                  His achievements during his battles:
    Georgio, the mist elven duelist, saved the world with his brave efforts and
    became a great ruler while saving himself 10 times.
    He scored 14098692 points and advanced to level 43.
    He survived for 0 years, 133 days, 23 hours, 26 minutes and 6 seconds
    (164324 turns).
    Georgio visited 198 places.
    His strength score was modified by +24 during his career.
    His learning score was modified by +10 during his career.
    His willpower score was modified by +17 during his career.
    His dexterity score was modified by +11 during his career.
    His toughness score was modified by +33 during his career.
    His charisma score was modified by +6 during his career.
    His appearance score was modified by +12 during his career.
    His mana score was modified by +12 during his career.
    His perception score was modified by +9 during his career.
    He was unnaturally aged by 95 years.
    He was the champion of the arena.
    He was a member of the thieves guild.
    He made a little water dragon very happy.
    He killed the emperor of the ancient minotaur race.
    He stopped the generation of nasty bugs.
    He saved Khelavaster from certain death.
    He left the Drakalor Chain after completing his quest and became a great
    leader and famous hero.
    9043 monsters perished under his attacks.
    The following 37 artifacts were generated during his adventure:
      the si
      the scythe of corruption "Moon Sickle"
      the golden gladius "Death's Sting"
      the black long sword "Kinslayer"
      the Chaos Orb of Elemental Water
      the Chaos Orb of Elemental Air
      the Chaos Orb of Elemental Fire
      the Chaos Orb of Elemental Earth
      the ebony spear "Bugbiter"
      the rune-covered trident
      the elemental gauntlets
      the ring of the High Kings
      the phial of Caladriel
      the crown of science
      the ancient mummy wrapping
      the ankh
      the black torc
      the Chaos Orb of Elemental Mana
      the crown of leadership
      the axe of the minotaur emperor
      the antediluvian dwarven map fragment
      the ancient dwarven key
      the deformed mace "Masher"
      the rune-covered halberd "Arak's Guard"
      the executioners blade "Judge & Jury"
      the gleaming drakish scurgar "Devilbane"
      the quicksilver bracers
      the thorny whip "Bloody Rose"
      the beheading axe "Headman's Hand"
      the glowing green cloak "Venom Mantle"
      the intricate wooden staff "Nature's Breath"
      the potion belt
      the robe of the master monk
      the black whip of extinction
      the tattered cloak of the dark souls
      the cornucopia
      the weird fire starter
    He possessed the following intrinsics:
      He was fire resistant (also through an item).
      He was poison resistant (also through an item).
      He was cold resistant (gained through an item).
      He was acid resistant.
      He was lucky.
      Fate smiled upon him.
      He was sleep resistant (gained through items).
      He was petrification resistant (also through an item).
      He was able to control teleportation.
      He was invisible (gained through an item).
      He was paralyzation resistant (gained through items).
      He was resistant to death rays.
      He was shock resistant (also through items).
      He was able to see invisible things (gained through an item).
      He was immune to shock attacks.
      He was able to breathe water (gained through an item).
      He was able to resist confusion attacks (gained through an item).
      He was immune to diseases (gained through an item).
    He had the following talents: Affinity with Swords, Beast of Burden, Greased
    Lightning, Hardy, Healthy, Immune to Pain, Iron Skin, Master Packager,
    Mechanically Inclined, Porter, Quick, Stealthy, Tough, Tough Skin, Very
    Hardy, Very Quick.
    He had a final speed score of 151 (final base speed: 135).
    He was a messiah of Balance.
    He asked for 14 divine interventions.
    He was a holy champion of Balance.
    The following monsters were vanquished:
         10 acid vortices
         14 air demons
          7 air elementals
          3 air grues
          2 ancient black dragons
         13 ancient blue dragons
          1 Ancient Chaos Wyrm
          1 ancient karmic dragon
         84 ancient minotaurs
         30 ancient red dragons
          1 Ancient Stone Beast
          1 ancient white dragon
         25 animated armors
         14 animated trees
          3 ankhegs
         36 annihilators
         11 annis hags
          9 antediluvian orcs
          1 antediluvian orc chieftain
          1 antediluvian troll
          5 assassins
          9 balors
         22 bandits
          1 banshee
         12 barbarians
         20 barbarian leaders
          1 battle bunny
         43 berserkers
          3 berserker emperors
          3 berserker kings
         19 berserker lords
          7 berserker princes
         20 big dogs
          1 black dragon
          1 black dragon hatchling
          1 black druid
         23 black hurthlings
          1 black slayer
          5 black unicorns
         13 black wizards
         66 blink dogs
         36 blue dragons
         35 blue dragon hatchlings
          1 bone golem
          6 brown bears
         24 brown worms
         24 bugbears
          1 bulette
          1 bunny master
          9 carrion crawlers
          1 cat lord
         18 cave bears
         49 cave fishers
         16 cave lions
         61 cave lizards
         19 cave tigers
         56 cavemen
          1 Chaos Archmage
          8 chaos brothers
          1 chaos diplomat
          7 chaos eyes
          2 chaos knights
         13 chaos lizards
         50 chaos mutants
          9 chaos plague bearers
         54 chaos rats
        121 chaos servants
          9 chaos sisters
          2 chaos spawn
         23 chaos spiders
          5 chaos vipers
          2 chaos warlords
         33 chaos warriors
         22 chaos wizards
         25 claw bugs
         10 clay golems
          8 clay statues
          7 cobras
          3 cooshoos
         30 corpse fiends
         12 corruptors
          1 crime lord
         15 crystal statues
         11 cutpurses
          6 cyclopes
         13 dark elven archers
         14 dark elven lords
         10 dark elven priestesses
          5 dark elven princesses
         16 dark elven warriors
          8 dark elven wizards
         60 dark orcs
         14 dark sages
          6 death oozes
          6 diamond golems
         46 dire wolves
         22 displacer beasts
         28 doppelgangers
          2 Dorn Beasts
          2 dwarves
          2 dwarven battle spirits
         53 dwarven chaos knights
         12 earth elementals
         21 ettins
         14 eyes of destruction
          1 farmer
         61 fire beetles
         35 fire demons
         60 fire drakes
         46 fire elementals
         35 fire giants
          5 fire giant kings
         18 fire grues
        139 fire lizards
          5 fire vortices
         13 flesh golems
         15 floating eyes
          8 fomorian giants
        110 frost giants
         50 frost giant berserkers
          5 frost giant jarls
         28 frost salamanders
         30 frozen ones
          1 fungoid overlord
         14 fungoid sporecasters
         19 gargantuan rats
         10 gargoyles
         13 gelatinous cubes
         98 ghosts
          6 ghost bats
          2 ghost kings
         42 ghost lords
        140 ghuls
          2 giant ant queens
         35 giant ant warriors
         50 giant ant workers
         54 giant bats
          2 giant bee queens
         80 giant bee warriors
         28 giant bee workers
         30 giant centipedes
         14 giant frogs
         33 giant lizards
          4 giant raccoons
         86 giant rats
          2 giant rust monsters
         10 giant slugs
         64 giant spiders
          5 gibbering mouthers
        134 gnolls
         11 gnoll chieftains
         96 goblins
         58 goblin berserkers
         28 goblin chieftains
         88 goblin rockthrowers
         42 goblin slavemasters
          5 gorgons
         32 gray oozes
          3 gray slayers
          1 great blue wyrm
          2 great red wyrms
          1 great white wyrm
          3 greater air elementals
          1 greater balor
          1 greater black unicorn
         84 greater chaos servants
         60 greater claw bugs
          6 greater daemons
         19 greater doppelgangers
          8 greater fungoids
          2 greater mimics
          1 greater moloch
         19 greater mummies
          7 greater water elementals
         11 green blobs
         12 green hags
         34 green slimes
         21 green worms
        692 gremlins
         13 griffons
          9 grizzly bears
          2 half-orc bouncers
         20 harpies
         43 hell hounds
         67 hill giants
          6 hill giant chieftains
         24 hill orcs
         28 hill orc sergeants
         26 hippogriffs
         39 hobgoblins
          8 hobgoblin chiefs
         13 hobgoblin leaders
          1 holy slayer
         12 homunculi
         29 huge bats
          7 hydras
         73 hyenas
         37 ice elementals
         35 ice lizards
         28 ice statues
          9 ice vortices
         13 imps
          5 invisible stalkers
          3 iron golems
        120 jackals
          4 jackal demons
         14 jackalweres
          2 juggernauts
          1 karmic dragon
          3 karmic dragon hatchlings
         12 karmic lizards
         37 killer bugs
          2 king cobras
        118 kobolds
         35 kobold chieftains
         14 kobold shamans
         24 kobold trapmasters
         81 large bats
          4 large dogs
         53 large gnolls
         11 large jackals
         59 large kobolds
         57 large orcs
         10 large rust monsters
         18 large snakes
        101 large spiders
         24 least daemons
         10 lesser daemons
         15 leucrottas
         12 liches
          2 lich kings
         57 lightning lizards
          4 lightning vortices
         12 living walls
         48 lizard men
         10 magebane eyes
         15 magedoom eyes
         15 major fungoids
          1 malicious doctor
          2 margoyles
          6 master assassins
          4 master liches
          2 master mimics
          1 master necromancer
          1 Master Summoner
         22 master swordsmen
         19 mimics
          2 mimic hiveminds
         14 minor fungoids
         13 minotaurs
          1 minotaur emperor
          8 minotaur kings
         70 minotaur lords
         24 minotaur mages
         46 minotaur mazelords
         65 minotaur mazemasters
          4 mist wolves
          3 molochs
         43 mummies
          1 mummy lord
         26 muscular dwarves
         14 necromancers
         10 ochre jellies
        112 ogres
          1 ogre emperor
          4 ogre kings
         21 ogre lords
         14 ogre magi
         77 orcs
          7 orc butchers
          8 orc chieftains
         27 orc scorchers
          7 outlaws
         20 outlaw leaders
         24 owlbears
         95 pit vipers
          3 pixies
          6 pixie archers
          6 purple worms
         15 quasits
          8 quicklings
          2 quickling kings
          5 quickling lords
          2 quickling queens
         18 rabid dogs
         31 raiders
        141 rats
         19 ratling archers
         11 ratling duelists
         15 ratling fencers
         12 ratling master thieves
         25 ratling thieves
          2 ratling traders
          9 ratling warlords
         29 ratling warriors
          4 rattlesnakes
         48 red dragons
         53 red dragon hatchlings
         12 red worms
          6 revenants
         25 rust monsters
        122 shadows
         15 shadow centipedes
          6 shadow lords
          8 shadow trolls
          1 shadow wyrm
         13 shambling mounds
          4 shopkeepers
         29 silver wolves
          3 skeletal kings
         64 skeletal warriors
        108 skeletons
         10 slow shadows
          1 Snake from Beyond
         23 snow golems
         25 spectres
         12 staring eyes
         48 steel golems
         22 steel horrors
         32 steel zombies
         53 stone giants
         16 stone giant lords
         20 stone golems
         21 stone grues
          4 stone oozes
          8 stone snakes
         32 stone statues
          2 swamp hydras
         24 swordsmen
         28 tarantulas
         37 thugs
          2 titans
         61 trolls
         26 troll berserkers
         19 troll chiefs
          8 troll kings
          1 undead chaos dwarven berserker
          8 vampires
         18 vapor rats
         10 vipers
          9 wall beasts
          9 water demons
          9 water elementals
         11 water grues
         23 water snakes
         22 wererats
         40 werewolves
          1 werewolf king
          8 werewolf lords
         13 white dragons
         47 white dragon hatchlings
         49 white worms
         85 wights
          7 wild cats
          3 will o'wisps
        152 wolves
         35 wraiths
         55 writhing masses of primal chaos
         15 yellow oozes
         56 yetis
        149 zombies
    You played for 32 hours, 33 minutes and 32 seconds.

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    First win with a mist elf? Balsy. Well done.
    "Hell is empty and all the devils are here."

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    Thanks! Honestly mist elf are my favourite race. Even though they are terrible. But duellist might be the one and only role with good synergy. Mist elves are probably best melee tankers in the game. They start with decent weapon from get go so it is easier for them to commit to one weapon skill. Elven chain mail is very light, which also helps duelist case. Lower energy cost from marks gives semi-reliable way of dealing with vortex. They start with high learning that helps advance all OP skills, and high dex which is amazing for DV tankng and speed.

    Maybe I just got lucky, but maybe duelist is the only class where mist elf is more advantage than liability.
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    Weaponsmith and chaos knight have some nice synergy with mist elf. Crazy starting equipment for CK, ring of fire resistance for smith, and good attribute modifiers in both cases.

    Congrats on the win!

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