Just finished what there is to be finished in the alpha version of the game, (4 hours and 20 minutes in, nice) and I have to say I am extremely impressed. Obviously the game is far, far from finished, but there is a solid groundwork for the developers to build on.

At the end I was a Dwarf Wizard in the Dwarf faction, and had 4 arms, 6 legs, and wings. (I'm not sure if the wings DID anything, though). Wielding 3 swords, a shield, and having 2 animated swords floating after me was the most fun I've had in a roguelike since the 'play as a shoggoth-like mutant' update from other roguelike Caves of Qud.

If any of the developers read this, I'd like to suggest adding the ability to chop off legs or other limbs that you're no longer using. It's a shame having a kobold arm when you later get the ability to graft on a large ogre arm, but can't remove the arm you already have. Actually, let me chop off my 'original' limbs too!

With kind regards, someone who hasn't had so much fun in four hours for years,

Renko Rodenburg