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Thread: My first win - after 23 years

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    Default My first win - after 23 years

    Finally! I started playing in 1997, managed a few decent characters, two of which died on D:50 COC, but I've now won for the first time.

    Legolamb, HE archer.

    I was quite lucky, obtaining Wyrm's Behest as a pre-crowning gift to take care of elemental immunities, and finding Bracers of War in the casino.

    Crowing gift was Thunderstroke, which was a bit disappointing at the time, but a few levels in crossbows and I'm now a convert.

    Whip of the vampire snake, elemental gauntlets, Devilsbane (surprisingly useful) and wished girdle of giant strength all helped tremendously, as did the permanent invisibility I picked up from pool sipping in Darkforge.

    My only problem came on D:50, as I had no wand of destruction, and so I started clearing out the level - then some poor chaos servant dropped a ring of djinni summoning! I had 17 potions of uncursed water, but no holy water. Do I chance using the ring? No need - almost the next drop was a potion of water - quick identify - bingo! holy water - bless the ring, wish for wands of destruction and it was all over bar the odd balor popping up.

    I nearly blew it on the way out. I'd cleared our a greater red dragon vault on the way down, or so I thought - and on the way up I bumped into two great red wyrms I'd missed - who promptly confused me, and got me down to 9 HP before I could do anything. I prayed, got healed, teleported away, and then returned to exact my revenge.

    I might take a short break now, and then return to try and win again, this time with a spellcaster.

    Adom is such an awesome game!

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