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    Default Hall of Death

    Maybe inappropriate this early but I am genuinely enjoying playing and decided to post here.

    New Ways I've died so far:

    killed by a green devil face - I talked to a green devil face on a wall and despite multiple warnings of terror during the conversation chose to continued onward which resulted in my death (I love this it was awesome)

    Killed by a deadly maelstrom of water - apparently those swirling tiles are instant death if you choose to step on them.

    Ascending to the entrance of the caverns of chaos - not technically a death but I went upstairs as soon as I started on floor 1 just to see what happens and apparently an earthquake causes the caverns to collapse and I have missed my opportunity to shape Ancardias history.

    What other new interesting ways to die have players discovered so far.

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    Toppled a pillar.

    Burning oil.

    Roasted while levitating lava for too long while inferno-spamming and with fire immunity.

    Technical deaths by lagging keyboard input and UI quirks.

    The green face was great!

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    My favorite death so far was

    Swapping minds with a Demon that I had already poisoned


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