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Thread: Some advice for tackling this undead vault in FGJC5?

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    Question Some advice for tackling this undead vault in FGJC5?

    Hi! So it's been a few years since I've played adom, but I've managed to get a promising high elven archer going here. (after countless deaths)

    I lucked out and found a wand of wishing with 3 charges in the cavernous levels on my way to get the rothk. Wished for 7lb, fire dragon scale mails, rings of ice, and a aols.
    (Even though I never went to the SMC, I still hold hopes of getting teleport control and magic mapping with invisibility to get to the HMV to go for an ultra).

    Anyways, I'm in the frost giant jarl's dungeon and I came across this undead vault:

    My stats are: LV21, 226 HP, 120PP, 42AC/42EV (berserk), 112 speed, 20 strength (max), 21 learning, 12 willpower (max), 23 toughness, 26 dexterity, 4 charisma, 8 appearance, 14 mana, and 21 perception.
    My abilities are: 89 alertness, 100 archery, 76 backstabbing, 15 bridge building, 100 climbing, 100 concentration, 17 disarm traps, 100 dodge, 59 first aid, 100 fletchery, 16 haggling, 98 healing, 100 listening, 95 literacy (going for spellcasting eventually), 30 smithing, 100 stealth, 56 tactics, and 41 two weapon combat.
    My weapon skills are: 12 polearms, 10 bows, 9 crossbows, 7 thrown rocks & clubs, and 8 shields.
    I have the tough scales mutation PV +8, dexterity -6, appearance -4.
    My equipment is: helm of mental stability [0, +1] {le+2}, ankh, red dragon scale mail (-1, -4) [-1, +15], mithril girdle [0, +2], scorched spear, rolfs savior, rustproof bracers of regeneration, ring of ice, ring of fire, elemental gauntlets, blessed 7lb [+1, 0] and the cornucopia.
    I have access to a ring of mental stability as well to thwart confusion attempts. I feel I might be able to handle this with a bit more slaying ammo, but I realize it's likely a bad idea.

    I realize it might be better to ignore it until later, perhaps until I get waterbreathing for the rune covered trident and train thrown spears a bit along with fletching some more slaying ammo,
    ... But does anyone have some ideas on how to tackle this right now? (it's killdudes not "run away and kill dudes later", haha)
    Despite having pulled off a handful of wins at one time or another, I still feel that I'm far from being 'skilled' at this game, and when it comes to clearing undead vaults... Yikes. >.<
    Honestly, any other vault I would not think twice about...

    Would really appreciate some advice for tackling this- Thanks!!

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    1. Go through the Rolf quest and activate volcanoes.
    2. Travel back in time and wish for staff of minor volcano summoning instead of seven league boots.
    3. Zap staff of minor volcano summoning.
    4. Wait until the magma has killed the entire greater vault.

    1. Get a wand of fireballs to 30 charges.
    2. Boost speed and willpower to ridiculous levels.
    3. Zap staff of dampening.
    4. Teleport into the greater vault.
    5. Zap wand of fireballs until everything dies.

    1. Get 64 cursed potions of raw chaos.
    2. Use wand of door creation to surround one of the secret doors.
    3. Boost willpower to ridiculous levels.
    4. Take out every king and emperor with two raw chaos potions.

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    You will get trashed. Your willpower of 12 means you’d get instantly confused from multiple sources and get locked into permanent confusion. You’d maybe get two shots out before the liches do this to you. This is of course not true if you have a stack of blessed staffs of dampening or maybe 4-5 sources of confuse resist.

    My recommendation is to go to the potion shop frequently and hope for potions of exchange(for making potential will) or hope for potions of potential will.

    I’d have used my wish for the potions rather than the rings of ice which the dwarven mystic provides for free.

    One potential strategy is to kill the lesser undead, then walk over to the stairs and wait for a lich to come over. This is very risky but you could potentially retreat down the stairs if you get confused.

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