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Thread: Noob questions

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    Default Noob questions

    Just picked up the game, have questions after the first few hours:
    • Is there any way to view detailed info about your grafts? It's not clear to me what certain graftable body parts do, if anything; I can't tell what my grafting slot limit is before it's modified by the Grafting skill tree; I can't tell if all limbs of the same type are equally good; I only realized that grafting increased hunger consumption because I saw it on a stream. Just generally really unclear and needs a screen like the one for Corruptions.
    • I have the Pushback Blow skill but can't figure out how to use it. It says it's a "special attack option," so doesn't sound like something that happens automatically when I attack, but I can't click and drag it to my hotbar like I can with spells.
    • Is there anything resembling a wiki for this game? I can't find any info when I google specific stuff.
    • Anyone have recommendations about where to ask questions like this? Is this forum the best spot? Is there a Discord? The subreddit seemed basically inactive.


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    1. There is no way to view information on the parts you have grafted. The limit on number of grafted parts is a lie; there is no limit regardless of your grafting skill. Large limbs are worse because they cause more hunger, otherwise there isn't a difference between limbs of the same type.

    2. I think having this ability randomly is just a glitch anyway. It should require you to take a skill to get.

    3. No. Everyone just complains about there being no wiki, nobody actually wants to work on one.

    4. The UADOM channel in the r/roguelikes discord is probably your best bet.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    If having the Pushback Blow skill without having the skill is a glitch, how do you actually use it? Is that what the "blunt push" or whatever in the actions menu is?

    Do the "increased grafting limit" skills straight-up do nothing? Why are they in the game if so?

    Thanks for the Discord link!

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