Hey all,

I want to start this with the acknowledgement that my experience isn't universal, and probably is far from it, and should be taken as an 'opinion' and not a fact.

Yesterday I won the game as Chaos Knight for Andor Drakon after being annoyed with playing as a Necromancer, despite being very excited for the Necromancer.
Playing as a Necromancer generates plenty of skill points to spend on the Necromancer tree- but they are too many. I had maxed out every Necromancy skill around level 26, and then saw the points pile up, unable to be spend because they are exclusive for the Necromancer skills. That Necromancer died, because I got bored and added as much limbs as I could and then starved to death.

Next I made a Chaos Knight, and realized I would get more than enough Arcane and Any points in the Andor Drakon faction to take every useful Necromancer skill. I ended up a lich at level 16, and had maxed out Death Mastery and Summon Evil Spirits around level 24- with plenty of points to spare to dip into Pyromancy for fire immunity and Plant Magic for some nice resistances, etc

However: this character was also a monster in Melee fighting. I won the game at level 36 as Pyromancer, Plant Mage, Protection domain maxed, Death Mastery max, and absolutely indestructible thanks to AC and Dodge bonusses from Armor Mastery and capable of dishing out serious pain thanks to the combination of insane stat increases from Death Mastery etc and good Melee Mastery skills.

I did not, in fact, take any damage on the last floor of the dungeon at all as I killed the chaos cultists and won for good ol' Andor.

Does anyone else have some thoughts on this?