• I really like the game.

Constructive Criticism:
  • There are a lot of UI bugs still. Sometimes clicking a skill to cast from the bar removes it from bar.

Take my feedback with a grain-of-salt... I only have a couple dozen hours and runs into the game. It was not hard to beat with a Wizard, but it is very hard with fighter/ranger.
  • I have noticed that the spell-casters are MUCH stronger than either ranged or melee combatants. Specifically regarding the absence of AoE type skills.
  • For this reason, I think the "Round Chop" Martial Skills > Melee Mastery skill is the most critical. However, I have frequently encountered a bug where I can NOT assign this skill to my skill bar.
  • It seems there are no "AoE" options for ranged attacks. I may need to try getting them to work better, but I feel that the absence of a ray-style piercing ranged attack or AoE multi-shot style skill seem needed.