Sorry if this horse has been beaten to death, but I didn't find anything conclusive with my forum or google searches. has anyone played the Deluxe version of ADOM with a screen-reader?

I used to play ADOM when I was in college--I think it was V1.1.1. I recently decided to see if it was still available for download: and was delighted to find out that development had been revived while I was away. Currently I am using the free windows download from the website. The basic version is quite accessible with my screen-reader [I especially appreciate the warning beep when hit points get too low: it can get tedious checking the stats--at the bottom of the screen--then trying to find my PC's location in the map-area again.]

The extra features of the Deluxe version sound interesting. I am not an avid gamer, and have never used Steam. When I was searching, I found a post that indicated the "ASCII" mode wasn't actually a plain text display that screen-readers--such as NVDA, or JAWS--could work with easily. Someone was previously working on scripts to make the screen-reader experience more effective, but I couldn't find out if that ever was successful.

I figure I have gotten enough value out of ADOM over the years to more than justify the purchase-price: I don't mind contributing back to the developer(s). But it would still be nice to have access to some of the new enhancements too.