> The only scientists who argue with global warming are hacks

One side calls the other hacks, the other calls the one wackos.
I think they are all in it for the money.

These 'scientists' who do venture to the icecaps, glaciers,
whatever, to 'study' them, from where do they get the
money? Think about it, funding an expedition would be
quite expensive. You have to buy the boats, equipment,
staff, food, fuel, media coverage (accomodations at least),
and so on? The best way to gather hordes of money from
a people is to create two sides, the 'good' ones, and the
'bad' ones. Seperate them by geography, political leaning,
skin color, whatever. Just make sure both sides have
plenty of money, and a stake in what you are saying. This
means you should threaten the regular opperation of
their buisinesses, theaten to besmirch people's images,
you know, the regular tactics used by mobster all over the
world for generations. Now, tell both sides that we are all
on the brink of disaster because of the other side. Tada!
Now you are funded.

You think these people go pan-handling to people on the
street, saying "We think we might have a problem. Would
you like to share your paycheck with us?" They wouldn't
raise a nickel. I wonder how many expeditions are lead
by the best scientist, and how many are lead by the best
fundraiser? Politicians get to say "I'm the one who REALLY
cares about the Earth!" and so they don't mind spending a
hunk of (your) money to buy that image for themselves.
For private funders, they may use their own money to buy
their image, but I'm sure there are tax incentives to make
it well worth their while, which comes back to tax payers
footing the bill once more.

If you have money, and an agenda, there will be plenty of
'scientists' lining up to say whatever you wish. 'Scientists'
are like anyone else, they'll go where the money is. You
wanna a 'scientist' to say that tobaco isn't addictive, just
fund him. You will be pleasantly surprised at his 'findings',
I'm sure. You wanna a 'scientist' to say that asbestos is a
fun diet suppliment, just fund him. I'm sure his research
will delight you as well. I won't believe a word any of
these money grubbers say unless I know who's funding