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Fact Sheet


ADOM is an epic fantasy Roguelike. The story takes you to the Drakalor Chain, a mountainous area in the fictional land of Ancardia. You are a lone wanderer whose purpose is to find the source of the Chaos spreading throughout the land. Pursuing your quest you traverse through dark dungeons and untamed wilds where death lurks around every corner.

The world of Ancardia is very harsh, unforgiving, harkening back to the golden days of Roguelikes and Role-Playing games. You must face a huge host of monsters while avoiding disease, hunger, traps and the ever-present corruption. You race against time to unravel the nature of the corrupting forces slowly devouring Ancardia, and finally vanquish them once and for all. Or will you manage to harness them to do your bidding? Become a savior, ascend as a god, or don't interfere and leave Ancardia to its fate? The choice is yours, adventurer.


  • An unforgiving 1994 roguelike game at its core, ADOM is brought to a new audience with hand-crafted graphics, beautiful music and a modernized UI.
  • Switch between ASCII and graphical modes at any time
  • 431 monsters
  • 738 items with hundreds of thousands of variants
  • 12 playable races
  • 22 character professions
  • 100 character talents
  • 47 spells
  • 41 skills
  • 35 corruption effects
  • 3 alignments with 7 degrees
  • 13 ways to end the game
  • hundreds of randomized dungeons in many different environments
Steam Features
  • Achievements
  • Player ghosts (meet deceased former characters and fight them for their treasures) plus player ghost exchange (have ghosts migrate to other ADOM Steam installations and show up as enemies there)
  • Customizable difficulty levels (turning hunger and corruption on or off, various monster difficulty levels and treasure rates)
  • Story mode (load and save games effectively deactivating permadeath)
  • Challenge mode (weekly challenge games where you get one shot at scoring as high as possible)
  • Exploration mode (free wishes at the start of the game to explore new aspects)
  • Global and shared highscore files.
  • Point based character generation for ultimate customization.
  • Star sign selection.
  • New dungeons, monsters, items and artifacts.

Coming Soon

The following extra features will be implemented in upcoming releases:

  • Cloud save game storage.
  • And so much more!


Thomas Biskup began ADOM's development in 1994. Within a few years it became one of the most recognized roguelikes of its time, and gained international acclaim as well as a strong fanbase around the world. As years passed ADOM grew more complex and increasingly difficult to maintain, until finally it became simply too costly and time-consuming to continue. Active development ceased in 2002, with only minor bugfix releases being published sporadically.

In 2012 Thomas decided to return to his great project once again, announcing an Indiegogo campaign to fund ADOM's development. Originally he intended just to fix some outstanding bugs, add some greatly missed features to be able to finally call ADOM 'complete' and lay it to rest once and for all. However thanks to the overwhelming response of the ADOM community the crowdfunding campaign was a roaring success, gathering over $90,169 USD in just two months. These new funds allowed Thomas to add four developers to the project and thoroughly modernize the game.

Between 2012 and 2015 ADOM's development team added graphics, sound, Steam integration, many new quality-of-life features as well as expanded the core content of the game. In the future, depending on the reception of ADOM's new and improved form, the team plans to rework the graphical interface, add animations and then use ADOM's huge asset library to kickstart ADOM 2 development.



Key Art and Illustrations (by Krzysztof 'Ravenmore' Dycha)

Logos / Icons (by Krzysztof 'Ravenmore' Dycha)

Sprites (by Krzysztof 'Ravenmore' Dycha)

Music (by Lucas 'Oneiros' Dieguez)


Thomas Biskup - Creator, maintainer, designer and lead developer.

Lucas 'Oneiros' Dieguez - Musician and Sound Designer

Krzysztof 'Ravenmore' Dycha - Graphics Designer

Jochen Terstiege - Senior developer

Zeno Rogue - NotEye Developer (graphics/sound integration)