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ADOM 1.1.1 available for Macintosh users! (03/05/2006, 17:37)

I am very proud to announce that ADOM 1.1.1 is available as a beta version for all Macintosh users!

Due to the relentless and untiring efforts of my great friend Jochen Terstiege ADOM now can be downloaded as a beta version for the Macintosh.

Please submit any bugs and problems you find and - for now - also send them to me as an email!.

Some hints not yet available in any other documentation:

  • Start the Mac version from the shell.
  • Enter the following commands before starting the game:
    % export TERM=xterm-16color
    % ./adom 
    If you are using the tcsh as your shell of choice you instead need to enter the following before starting the game:
    % set term=xterm-16color
    % ./adom 
  • Resize the console to 80x25 before starting the game.

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