Casino scumming
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Casino scumming
You can earn unlimited gold at the Casino without any downsides

Not 100% sure if this is actually a bug, it's just something I think should be fixed but it might be a feature.

Citing the guidebook:

"It is possible to win essentially unlimited amounts of gold from the slot machines. (...) The fastest way to accumulate money is to choose a machine that costs 24 gold pieces to play and 'h'andle the lever. Place a heavy object on the spacebar of your keyboard. Check back after five minutes or so by picking up the gold on the floor. There should be quite a pile.

As long as the technique above is used - simply leaving the spacebar depressed - all of this gambling will take place during a single game turn, so the PC will not be spending hours of game time in the Casino getting corrupted."

Shouldn't this corrupt the PC as a downside to winning unlimited gold?
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12-11-2012 01:04 PM
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This has been fixed.

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